12 Of The Best Pub Crawls In London To Get The Party Started

London ain’t exactly short of pubs. In fact, we’ve got over 3,500 pubs to choose from in our beloved city, from pubs with lush beer gardens to pubs dating all the way back to 1430. But how exactly are you supposed to whittle down where to go? Luckily for you dear reader we’ve decided to help you out with this little challenge you find yourselves with. Here’s our rundown of 12 of the best pub crawls in London: 

1. Camden Pub Crawl

The iconic Camden Highline in Camden, North London
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Ah Camden… the beating heart of London’s alternative fashion, lifestyle and music scene – and the home of Secret London’s swanky offices. Whether you love the neighbourhood or actively want to avoid the crowds, you can’t deny that there are some pretty epic spots here in which to sink a pint.

From metal pubs to alternative clubs and live music venues, there’s plenty here for every kind of drinker, and this lively pub crawl will help you to see the best of it. Taking you all the way until 3am, you’ll get to enjoy drink deals, free shots, speedy entry, and fun party games along the way. We’ll cheers to that!

2. Shoreditch Pub Crawl

The famous tube trains above Village Underground in Shoreditch, East London
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The pub and bar scene in Shoreditch, arguably the hub of East London, has become the stuff of legend over the past fifteen or so years. Some of the venues found here are regularly named among the world’s best cocktail bars, while you can also find a great boozer or two to while away a few hours.

This guided pub crawl will give you the chance to wander down the graffiti-filled streets and explore the area’s best pubs and bars, ending up in the wee hours dancing at a lively club. Sounds like a good night on the cards…

3. Historical London Pub Crawl

The exterior of the Lamb and Flag pub near Covent Garden in London
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In a city that can be traced all the way back to Roman times, it’s no surprise that we have some of the most fascinating history in the world here. Ok, so we might be biassed, but we stand by it. That goes for our pubs too, some of which date all the way back to the 15th century.

This self-guided pub crawl will give you the opportunity to explore some of London Town’s oldest boozers. Starting at the cosy Ye Olde Mitre in Farringdon – rumoured to be where Queen Elizabeth I herself danced around a cherry tree with Sir Christopher Hatton – you’ll make your way to The Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden.

4. Monopoly Pub Crawl

The route of the Monopoly board which is the basis for one of the best pub crawls in London
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As the name suggests, this London pub crawl will take you around the 26 different locations found on the Monopoly board. Starting off at the Lord Nelson on Old Kent Road – a ‘proper boozer’ according to Pubs Galore – you’ll continue around the Monopoly board until you reach the final stop in glitzy Mayfair. That is if you’re still standing after 26 pints of course… maybe just do halves on this particular bar crawl?

5. West End Pub Crawl

The famous plaza of Covent Garden Market in Central London
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Soho and the West End are arguably the beating heart of London and the London nightlife scene, so what better place to enjoy a pub crawl than here hey?! This guided tour will give you a real insight into this iconic part of the capital – you’ll explore the pulse of Shaftesbury Avenue, see the street performers of Leicester Square and will take a wander around Covent Garden’s famous piazza.

You’ll hang out with fellow revellers and will experience exactly what makes this part of London tick on this London party pub crawl. Expect added drinks deals, complimentary shots at cocktail clubs, discounted entry and much more on this worthy addition to this roundup of the best pub crawls in London.

6. Circle Line Pub Crawl

An extensive map of the London tube network showing the circle line in Central London
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With an impressive 27 stops, this ultimate London pub crawl is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Many have attempted it – not all have made it through – but if you’re up for the challenge, then it’s certainly worth a try. 

You’ll follow the entirety of the Circle Line on this one – that is the yellow line on the map which is shaped like a circle. Duh. Given that it’s a literal circle, you can choose to start (and finish) exactly where you want, and all you need is an Oyster card or contactless card. Happy pub crawling!

7. Clapham Pub Crawl

The exterior of Clapham Common station where the Clapham pub crawl occurs
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Heading south of the river, you’ll find Clapham, a fashionable and vibrant district frequented by young professionals which is known for its cafes, pubs, markets and large (and green) common. This guided pub crawl will give you the opportunity to discover some of the SW4’s best bars and pubs – ending up in someone raucous where you can let loose and dance.

Along the way you’ll enjoy fun and hilarious party games, great drinks deals, speedy entry and damn good value for money – now you can’t say fairer than that right?

8. Sam Smith’s Pub Crawl

The exterior of The Chandos, a Sam Smith's pub near Trafalgar Square
Photo: @shutterstock

Sam Smith – no, not the singer – pubs are pretty much an institution in London Town. Only stocking Samuel Smith’s Brewery products, they’re packed full of history and are surprisingly affordable – great if you’re looking to not spend a fortune. The Sam Smith’s pub crawl will take you on a meandering mile-and-a-half-long route through Central London, taking in ten of these iconic spots.

Starting at *ahem* The Cock in Great Portland Street, you’ll end up at The Chandos right by Trafalgar Square. Along the way, you’ll pass by the famous pubs The Red Lion and the John Snow – both just off Carnaby Street.

9. Wimbledon Eight Pub Crawl

The exterior of the Crooked Billet pub on Wimbledon Common, one of the stops on one of the best pub crawls in London
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Another worthy addition to this roundup of the best pub crawls in London, the so-called ‘Wimbledon Eight Pub Crawl’ will make you follow in the footsteps of one of Hollywood’s most notorious hellraisers – the legend that was Oliver Reed.

The star of ‘Oliver!’ and ‘Gladiator’ used to frequent the eight pubs that surrounded Wimbledon Common, and though two have now shut, this pub crawl follows the route of the other six. Rumour has it that Reed would give himself 15 minutes at each pub along the route, knocking back a pint quickly before moving on. We’d personally like to take our time a bit more – but it’s up to you!

10. London Literary Pub Crawl

The Fitzroy Tavern pub in Fitzrovia, London
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Another contender for one of the best pub crawls in London, the ‘London Literary Pub Crawl‘ – as the name would suggest – follows the pubs and taverns that inspired some of the greatest creative minds in the world. Hosted by tour guides who double as famous writers – Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf we’re looking at you – you’ll explore the ‘best bohemian boozers in town’.

Starting in Fitzrovia and ending up in Soho, you’ll also visit some boozers including those relevant to songwriters such as Sir Paul McCartney and Jimi Hendrix. You’ll also visit pubs and bars associated with the British Film industry and modern writers. So you never know who you might bump into…!

11. London’s Spookiest Pubs Pub Crawl

The tiny and thin exterior of Ye Olde Cock Tavern in Fleet Street, London
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Spurned lovers, corrupt clerics and debtors on the run have all found their end in some of London’s locals. The haunted London pub crawl takes you around some of the capital’s most infamous watering holes, giving you the chance to hear some gruesome tales and maybe encounter a spirit or two – and we’re not just talking about a swig of gin!

You’ll get to discover the fictional address of Sweeney Todd, learn about public executions gone wrong and hunt out some historical grave robbers! Of course, there’ll be time for a few swift rounds to bolster your nerves. Take care though, you never know who’s lurking in the wine cellar… this is one of the world’s most haunted cities after all.

12. Wetherspoons Pub Crawl

The exterior of a Wetherspoons in Holborn, London
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Our final addition to this pub crawls in London roundup offers you a real challenge. Trust us. Picture this – 12 pints in 12 spoons in 12 hours. Ok, so you don’t actually have to have a whole pint in each – we’d like you to actually remember it – but the aptly-named ‘Wetherspoons Loop’ does in fact take in 12 different Wetherspoons, separated by just a kilometre of the city.

Starting at The Lord Moon Of The Mall in Whitehall, you’ll end up at The Sir John Hawkshaw in Cannon Street. Stops along the way include The Knights Templar in Chancery Lane – a former Union Bank – and the famous Montagu Pyke in Soho.