17 full coverage bikini bottoms that actually cover your bum

Holiday season is officially upon us, and while we’re strong advocates that every body is a beach body, we also understand that to bare it all can sometimes feel a bit daunting. We all have our insecurities, and it can be all too easy to scuttle off into the shade and put our clothes back on when we’re not feeling our full confident selves. That said, there are solutions.

Enter: full coverage bikini bottoms. Made to be worn on the days you’re not feeling so cheeky (no pun intended), full coverage bikini bottoms have got your (lower) back. There are some really stylish options on the market, too – styles that don’t look like they came from the sort of place your nan shops in and which are actually being favoured by influencers, celebs and fashion editors alike. 

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Shopping for swimwear is about as fun as trying on hundreds of pairs of jeans. Whether you’re looking for bikinis for small chests, bikinis for big boobs or tummy control swimsuits, it’s like a needle in a haystack. Successfully finding a style that fits you AND your requirements is like gold dust. It is a necessary task, though, especially if your next far-flung travels involve water and/or sunbathing.

Despite our Instagram feeds being flooded with itsy bitsy, teenie weenie bikini-clad people, influencing us to own a few silhouettes of that variety too, it’s still nice to switch it up with a few bikini bottoms that aren’t as skimpy. So, which swimwear brands to shop with?

Norma Kamali’s Bill bikini briefs hit the nail on the head; the retro-inspired pair features ruched sides and a high waist, making them flattering as well as more modest than other styles. Similarly, Emilio Pucci makes a case for micro skirt bikini bottoms with this layered printed recycled style. So chic.

If you’re on a tighter budget, though, fear not – the high street has just as many offerings. H&M’s shortie bikini bottoms, decorated in a floral print, are exactly the sort of style you’d want to wear to catch a few rays in the park, and these beach shorts from Boden were made for sportier ventures on the sand.

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Below you’ll find 17 pairs of the best full coverage bikini bottoms we could find. You’re welcome.