A Magical New Drinking And Dining Hub Has Landed In Shoreditch

The latest – and a contender for the greatest – food, drinks, and vibes, all-in-one destination has finally landed in Shoreditch. LALALAND has stepped in to fill the gaping hole (and the same vacant lot) left by Dinerama’s still-mourned closure. LALALAND won’t be serving up any awards season mishaps, instead it’s once again turning the old truck yard into the ultimate urban oasis, right in the heart of Shoreditch. Teased since 2021, the wait has promised to be wholly worth it.

Billed as “a streetfood market for our times,” you’ll be able to “drink in the escapism, away from the streets of reality”. Covering 25,000 square feet of space, the venue offers up fifteen food vendors, four bars,  and countless hang-out spots. All this amidst verdant foliage and palm trees, fire pits, and oh, you know, just a waterfall. Casual waterfall, as you do. With live DJs and myriad events on offer in the coming months, you’re sure to keep on returning. Even if it’s just to make sure you’ve sampled all of LALALAND’s delights.

And what delights they are. Food offerings range from the legendary, pun-tastic, burgers from Tucka Burger, to the mouth-watering heat of the Trinidadian dishes on offer from new-kids-on-the-block Saga Boy. GuaBao is on hand offering up pillow-soft steamed buns with an array of fillings, while RockIt is dishing out their ever-popular Indian-style street food and burgers. There’s also Goose Island on hand to offer up thirst-quenching, heat-soothing drinks. And we’ve hardly even started to scratch the surface of what’s available at LALALAND.

You’re just going to have to head down and find out yourself. And we’ll definitely see you there.

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