Go Without A Ticket As Tate Galleries Go Without Tickets

The Tate group of galleries recently announced that visits to their London galleries are now much easier. Tate Britain and Tate Modern have both amended their entry policy such that free entry no longer requires a ticket. Gone are the days of having to pre-book a ticket, or queue upon entry. Now, you can just stroll right in without a ticket or a care in the world.

Exhibitions and select events still require tickets or membership, and booking or purchasing in advance is recommended for non-members. However, tickets are often available on the door. Just in case you’ve turned up for a stroll around the gallery and discovered an exhibition you have to view. Members will, of course, still be able to access all exhibitions without booking.

Maybe you’re in the mood for Tate Britain’s centuries-spanning collection of works dating back as far as the 1500’s. Or maybe you’re wanting to explore the modernist and contemporary works at Tate Modern. Either way, you can now just turn up and gain entry. The galleries join the likes of the V&A Museum, Sir John Soane’s Museum, and The Wallace Collection, among others, in not requiring tickets for general free entry.

Visitors are well-advised, however, to pre-book for some of the amazing exhibitions currently on show at the Tate galleries. Tate Britain’s showcase of Cornelia Parker’s large-scale installations composed of every-day domestic objects, for example, is not to be missed. Meanwhile, Tate Modern’s A Year In Art: Australia 1992 exhibition is free, and not to be missed, but advance booking is advised.

You can see what’s on at the Tate Britain here.

You can see what’s on at the Tate Modern here.