23 sun hats and summer hats for the sunnier days to come (we hope)

Sun hats are a saving grace this time of year. Although the sun may be on what seems like a permanent hiatus at the moment, throwing us all a major curveball when it comes to our outdoor social plans courtesy of intermittent downpours, we’re hopeful of a better forecast in the near future. One where summer hats and other sunny-weather accessories will come in handy. Fingers crossed, sunnier days are en route… though we remain tentative.

For the sake of positive thinking, though, we’ve been updating our sunglasses collection, wearing all the summer dresses and snapping up every sandal we see.

Next on our hit list? Some brand new summer hats. Bucket, floppy, straw, fedora… we want the lot.

We’d argue that now is actually the perfect time to experiment with the most OTT headwear you can get your hands on – especially if you’re off to some far-flung destination on a well-deserved holiday and you want to make sure you have the perfect headwear in tow. After all, there’s very little more annoying than having to wear a giant straw hat on the plane because it doesn’t fit in your case and you underestimated it’s size. In fact the only thing more annoying is someone wearing one in the seat next to you…

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So which sun hat should you be eyeing up for this season?

Lacoste served all the visor inspo with its SS22 collection, and who could forget those logo-embellished perspex iterations from Dior? Unsurprisingly, the high-street has also followed suit on the open-top silhouette, with brands like ASOS and Accessorize offering more affordable alternatives in the way of woven straw designs.

Whether you are spending this summer travelling around the Amalfi Coast or Mallorca, or sunbathing in the garden of one of the best Airbnbs in the UK, right now is the perfect time to suss out what sun hat works for you.

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