A Phileas Fogg Themed Apothecary Bar Has Just Arrived In Mayfair

Around The World In 80 Days. Many of you will have read the beloved tale penned in the Jules Verne novel or seen the movie, but have you been to an apothecary bar themed around its central character?

Yes, that’s right. Mr Fogg’s, the famous collection of venues themed around the world of Phileas Fogg, are opening a brand new site in Mayfair.

From today (June 8), Londoners can swoop from the busy of modern-day London into a Victorian apothecary, transporting themselves into Fogg’s universe.

And, true to that very place, you can expect a utopia filled with an epic array of potions and elixirs collected by Phileas Fogg on his 80 day adventure. Visitors can taste of creations find “made from plants, powders, saps and antivenoms from all ends of the earth, these are tonics and remedies Fogg swears by for every ailment imaginable and he couldn’t be more excited to share these with trusted friends and explorers.”

Where is the entrance to this weird and wonderful world? Why, it’s a delightful venue just opposite Claridge’s on Brook Street, greeting visitors with a marvellous staircase down into the apothecary bar.

Once you’re inside, a cocktail will be made for you using precise weighing scales for the perfect taste. While this is being whipped up, guests can take a seat in the drawing room’s sofas and grand armchairs, surrounded by grandfather clocks, apothecary cabinets, and portraits of scientists, botanists and pharmacists with Fogg’s seal of approval.

Plenty of concoctions will be available, but we’ve got a keen eye on ‘The Traveller’s Tonic’, which is a mix of Hennessy X.O. Cognac, Woodford Reserve Rye whiskey, Carpano Antica Formula vermouth, Grand Marnier orange liqueur and Mr Fogg’s Apothecary bitters. If that doesn’t get your taste buds racing, then give the ‘Rose Remedy’ – made up of Secret Garden Apothecary Rose gin, Lillet Blanc wine-based apéritif, Apothecary shrub, rose water, lime juice and egg white – a whirl.

Oh, and the intriguing Elixir room, hosting its own separate entrance, holds 24 Hennessy cabinets. Each of these has a unique key lock, which will be gifted to the lucky regulars to house their own bottles of spirits in. Guests can hire the space privately, but there’s also rumours of a secret door within to the main space at Mr Fogg’s apothecary bar.

So, head down to Mr Fogg’s Apothecary for a magical world of potions and elixirs. It’ll be just the tonic this summer… (sorry).

Find Mr Fogg’ at 34 Brook Street, W1K 5DN (nearest station is Bond Street) from June 8, 2022. Opening hours will be Tuesday to Saturday, 4pm-midnight initially. Read more on their website