A Bingo Rave Is Touring Its Way Across The UK

Bingo probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind for a fun day out. It probably brings to mind something vaguely geriatric and unexciting. Perhaps a local hall, quiet save for the rustle of bingo papers, the stamp of bingo pens, the calls of the numbers, and the occasional stifled cough or sneeze. Perhaps a half-hearted family game night where everyone argues about the rules. However, whatever you’re imagining, it’s definitely not Bingo Loco.

Okay, so what is Bingo Loco, then?

Bingo Loco takes all of your preconceived notions about the game, and flips them on their heads. What if you could take bingo and turn it all the way up to 11? Throw in  some dance-offs. Throw in lip-sync battles. Fill the air with the sound of the ultimate sing-along throwback tunes, with CO2 cannons and confetti showers going off. Bingo Loco does all of that, and more, turning a simple game of bingo into an evening of raucous, adrenaline-rush-inducing, shout-out-loud fun.

Having sold out shows in over 200 locations, from Dublin to Sydney, Bingo Loco has announced their summer tour. And you best believe they’ll be coming to London. Plenty of times.  Attendants could walk away having won a variety of ridiculous, and seriously impressive, prizes. A new car, Coachella VIP experiences, 10 foot teddy bears, and more, are on offer for you to win.

London dates take place in both Camden and Shepherds Bush, across the tours run from June through August. If you can’t make any of their London dates, there’s sure to be another you can make as they traipse their way across the UK. There are plenty of chances to participate in the raucous bingo revelry. Or to just keep going back for more, all summer long.

Find all the dates, and buy tickets, here.