The best epilators for every part of your body and all skin types, if hair removal is your bag

Epilators are arguably the most underrated tool for removing hair. Often considered to be painful and not as thorough when it comes to getting that dolphin-like finish, the best epilators have a lot more to offer than you’d think. Given the chance, they just might be the solution to all your hair-removal stresses – think ingrown hairs, bumps and rashes – and change your opinion entirely.

While you may be attached at the hip to your at-home laser hair removal or twice-weekly self-care routine of using your razor while relaxing in your bubble bath, an epilator is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to achieve long-lasting results.

But how do you even begin using an epilator when you hardly know anything about them, and what is the best epilator to buy when there are so many on the market? We’ve rounded up all the info you need to know before spending the big bucks, so you can have silky soft limbs in no time. 

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Is epilating bad for your skin?

Let’s debunk this myth straight away. Short answer: no. There are actually more benefits to epilating. If you’re prone to getting a rash after shaving like every normal human being ever, or tend to accidentally cut yourself, epilators are your new best friend. The hair is actually removed from the roots, so you can get rid of shorter hairs more effectively than other hair-removal methods. Kiss goodbye to those small nicks and wounds that seem to bleed forever. Also, whoever said your hair grows back thicker and coarser had definitely not been using an epilator.

Is an epilator better better than waxing?

Epilating works by quickly plucking hairs in the direction of growth while an electric current zaps and removes them, resulting in a smooth-to-the-touch feel for weeks. Sign us up. Though waxing works in a similar way to epilation (by ripping the hair follicles out at the root), it’s not always successful and sometimes only trims the hairs. By using an epilator correctly – pulling your skin taut and then slowly move the device in the direction of hair growth – it will pluck the hair from the root successfully.

Can I use an epilator on my pubic hair?

Yes, you can! There are a variety of devices that are suited to specific target areas – including your pubic hair – when it comes to the world of epilating. Although a lot of them are priced within the hundreds, epilators still remain a cost-effective alternative to your regular appointments at your local waxing salon – and they save you on any awkward silences too. Obviously it’s a delicate area, so consider using a tool that’s designed specifically for it, or one that comes with smaller attachments/heads to access all areas so to speak.

Which is the best epilator for face and body?

As previously stated, there are specific devices for certain areas of your body so it’s always best to buy epilator that suits your needs most accurately. As far as facial epilators go, we recommend going for something small and easy to control like Braun’s FaceSpa 851V Three-in-One Face Epilator from Amazon. It comes complete with a cleansing brush for a spa-like experience, plus a lighted mirror and beauty pouch. Need you anything more?! If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all device that’ll also work on the rest of your body, it’s probably best to look for one with multiple-sized attachments to switch between – like Braun’s Silk-épil 5-820 Epilator for Beginners.

Braun FaceSpa Face Epilator

Braun Silk-épil 5 Epilator

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Which is the best epilator to buy?

The easiest way to determine the best epilator for you is by thinking about what you intend to use it for and when. Do you want it for when you’re travelling (look at the Philips Satinelle Essential BRE285/00 Epilator if so)? Are you looking to use it in sensitive areas, or do you have sensitive skin in general? Do you need one that’s going to give you long-lasting results? Then perhaps the Braun’s Silk-épil 9-980 Epilator is the one for you. The possibilities are endless, so we’ve collated a list of our top recommendations for the most popular needs and requirements (you’re welcome).

Braun Silk-épil 9-980 Epilator for Long-Lasting Hair Removal

Philips Satinelle Essential Corded Epilator

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