Barely-there bangs are the low-key way to wear a fringe

Most of us have toyed with the idea of a fringe. They look cute, frame features and add personality. But if you’re not keen on the commitment, barely-there bangs are emerging as the prettiest way to dip into the cut, without going all the way.

They’re more than light layers around the hairline, but they’re not as heavy as a full fringe – they’re kind of like the curtain bang’s baby sister. They offer up some face-framing action, but they’re more streamlined, which means you can tuck them sideways to disappear into the rest of the layers in your hair if you fancy, or bring them forward for a more subtle nod to the curtain fringe.

Unlike a curtain fringe though, which should have enough width on either side of your face to be able to cover the length of your forehead if drawn together in the centre, barely-there bangs are about half the width so that they look more airy and piecey if teased forward. The beauty of the cut is the versatility it offers – giving pretty structure when you want it, but barely there when you don’t. 

The cut works at different lengths. We’ve seen it worn at eyebrow length to give the impression of a more traditional-looking blunt fringe, only wispier. Eyelash length is one of the most popular renditions since it can be tucked sideways easily and looks flirty, grazing lashes and we’ve even spotted outgrown barely-there bangs that are headed toward ‘layers’ territory but still have enough oomph to frame complexions. 

Here’s 5 of our favourite ways to wear the barely-there fringe below…

Eyelash-length barely-there fringe

Dried and styled forward the lash-length barely-there fringe draws attention in towards the eyes and gives a subtle nod to the curtain fringe, without having to cut into the hair too much.

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Eyebrow-length barely-there fringe

Blunt bangs, but barely. This eyebrow-length fringe can be ruffled forward with fingers for wispy blunt bangs or swooshed to either side.