Oyster Parties Are Making Their Way To London

Now, look, I know oysters can be divisive (even though they’re amazing). If you don’t like them, you definitely don’t like them. Maybe just never had one, and don’t realize you like them yet. And if you like them, you probably love them. And, seriously, doesn’t a fresh, salty-sweet oyster pair wonderfully with a gin and tonic? The slight bitter twang from the tonic. The floral, herbal aroma from the gin. The creamy, briny taste of the oyster. It’s the perfect match.

Now, if you’re with me thus far (and I’m sure you are), you’re in for a treat. Because The Seafood Bar is bringing their legendary G&T and oyster parties from the cobbled streets of Amsterdam to the slightly-less-cobbled streets of London. That’s right, oyster parties. I’m officially no longer going to any other type of party.

Launching on Friday, June 17, the G&T and oyster parties will see party vibes filling the basement of The Seafood Bar as the evening draws in. Tables will get pushed aside, oysters will float around the room, and G&Ts will flow. A live DJ will keep revellers going from 10:30pm until late. It’s sure to be just as big of a hit here in London as it has been in the Netherlands – where oyster parties have taken over boats and restaurants alike.

But these aren’t just bang-average oysters, these are the best of the best: sustainably-bred and carefully sourced to emphasise freshness. And the G&Ts will feature premium gins, such as St. Giles ‘Divers’ Edition’ Naval Strength Gin and Fisher’s Gin.

Set to be an evening to remember, be sure to get your name on the guestlist to guarantee entry on the night. No matter the weather outside upstairs, it’s a fresh and lively taste of Summer, down at The Seafood Bar.