London To Be Hotter Than Tenerife This Week With Temperatures Reaching 31°C

Getting away for a holiday abroad this year is proving difficult for many, with long queues and cancelled flights hitting the UK’s airports.

But this week in London, it might just feel like you’re living it up in the Mediterranean anyway, with a (long overdue) heatwave surfing into the capital. From tomorrow, in fact, London will be hotter than the sunny paradise of Tenerife throughout the entire week.

Basically, it’s time to dust off that cocktail shaker and put those mojito ingredients into your baskets, as you’re going to want to catch some rays while you can. According to Google Weather, London and Tenerife will both enjoy a toasty 24°C tomorrow (June 14), before  the big smoke turns up the heat throughout the week, culminating with temperatures north of 31°C this Friday (June 17).

As it’s still Monday, we all know this is subject to change, especially here in Britain. But, the Met Office has even warned that the temperatures could actually hit the mid-30s, so be sure to have the sunscreen ready to slap on.

We also all know that, it’s not likely to last all that long, and the forecast backs this up with temperatures dipping back below sunny Tenerife’s total from Sunday (June 19), with some rain also thought to be on the way. Heat up those barbecues, get those crates in, and pack those picnic baskets: you haven’t got long, but this week is going to be a scorcher!