Anne-Marie’s pink glitter eye makeup is serving Y2K summer vibes

When working with glitter, Leanne recommends always applying it as the first step in your routine – even before skincare. “Glitter loves to stick to moisturised skin,” she says. “This way you can clean away any glitter fall out using scotch tape before proceeding with the rest of your look.”

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For added drama, black eyeliner was added to the inner and outer corners of Anne-Marie’s eyes to create a feline wing, while Lashify Fluffy Gossamer Lashes in F14 are the secret to her voluminous lashes. 

Further cementing the trend of barely-there makeup on the skin, the rest of Anne-Marie’s face was kept refreshingly pared-back and glowy. A neutral base also serves to balance out the embellishments on the eyes. “Keep the eye as the main focus and don’t overwhelm the face with too many extra elements,” says Leanne.  “When going super bright on the eyes, I like to keep the skin looking fresh and the lips nude and understated. This helps the overall feel of the makeup to remain very cool.” And there was us thinking that Anne-Marie couldn’t get any cooler.