Grab A Free Pint For Talking With Your Mates

What better way is there to celebrate National Beer Day than, you know, drinking beer with your friends? What if the beer was free? Oh, that’d hit the spot wouldn’t it. And for this year’s National Beer Day, the drinks are on CRAFTD London. Yeah, the jewellery brand, but there’s a reason for it.

It started in the brand’s office, when staff were discussing how they were working on strengthening bonds and mental health. Danny Buck, CRAFTD CEO and co-founder said the following:

“Checking in on your mates is something I’ve been poor at but I’ve tried harder to this year, after someone did it to me. Sometimes the simplest message can mean the world so hopefully a simple pint could really help someone, somewhere.”

£5000 of free pints will be on offer from 4:30PM on Wednesday, June 15, at BOXPARK Shoreditch. The catch? Well, it’s hardly even a catch: CRAFTD wants you to check in with your mates. In what amounts to a very circular bit of cause and effect, to get a free pint for you and your mates you just have to… meet up with your mates for a free pint for you and your mates. Easy, right?

The ease of it all is the whole point. CRAFTD wants to illustrate just how easy it is to check in with your friend, highlighting the social and mental health benefits of “simply having a pint with your pals”. They wants men to think more, and talk more, about positive mental health.

But they’re not stopping at just ponying up the cash to cover the free beers. CRAFTD London will also be donating a portion of their sales from Men’s Health Week (Monday June 13th-Sunday June 19th) to CALM. CALM, or the Campaign Against Living Miserably, is a mental health charity aimed at providing support for those struggling with their mental health.

Claim your free pint at BOXPARK Shoreditch by heading to CRAFTD London’s website, and signing up.