Bdellium Double Dome Blender

[purchase] Another TikTok trend I’ve seen recently is for the Bdellium Double Dome Blender that as far as I can see has sold out world wide which I think must have been a shock for the specialist make up tool brand! It’s a strange thing – not like any brush I’ve seen before and just when you think there is no real newness in beauty something comes along to surprise you! I think I sourced the very last small double dome blender in the UK.

Bdellium Double Dome Blender Review

As you can see, it’s a double brush in one. As it’s a pro-brand it’s aimed really at MUAs which is helpful for speed. It holds more product and if you’re clever with it (which I’m not) you can multi-task it side to side. In fact, it’s recommended to flow it across the skin with much the same application method as you’d use to paint a wall.

Bdellium Double Dome Blender Review

Because it’s a double dome it picks almost all your product up straight away from the palm of your hand so you don’t really need to dip back again. The blend, I have to say, is seamless. It’s immaculate. In terms of speed, it’s probably not useful on that front for day to day make up because a face is only so big, but I really do see its use in body painting. You can use the longer side to apply foundation and the shorter side to diffuse and blend it.

Bdellium Double Dome Blender Review

It’s best used for primer, liquid foundation and concealer but you can easily use it for creme blush and bronzer. I found mine at a site that caters SFX to film studios HERE for £8 but there was VAT on top and postage was over £5.

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