Kirkby Design’s Second Collaboration with Eley Kishimoto

Creativity and excellence are paired with humorous fantasy in Kirkby Design’s second collaboration with ‘the patron saints of print of the fashion world’ Eley Kishimoto. Kirkby Design and Eley Kishimoto originally joined forces back in 2017 with a range of textiles and wallcoverings that captured the vibrancy, originality, and personality of both brands.

For 2022, with the same visionary values, the two brands have reunited, taking the collaboration to new sophisticated heights by further exploring Kirkby Design’s experimental nature and penchant for extreme textures with Eley Kishimoto’s daring and decadent use of colour and pattern. Kishimoto’s Mark Eley says: ‘ I believe that with the integrity and quality of our relationship, we can continue with our collective vision to make the interior world a prettier, more comfortable space.’”