Waxing, shaving or threading? This is the ultimate guide to at-home hair removal this summer

Cons: It stings (especially for thicker haired gals), it’s messier than shaving, and it takes some nerves of steel.

Best for: Legs, lips, brows, pits and bits (aka bikini lines).

Hair removal cream

Also known as depilatory creams, hair removal creams work by breaking down the keratin structure of hair, effectively dissolving the bonds so that when you wipe the cream away, it takes the hair with it

Pros: It’s painless and speedy, and because the end of the hair isn’t squared off at the tip (as it is in shaving), it’ll feel softer when it grows back through.

Cons: The smooth feeling is short-lived as this only removes hair above the skin (rather than from the root), which means regrowth will come through fairly quickly. They can be messy to use, lots have a whiffy scent and they can feel itchy during the three to ten minutes they take to work.

Best for: Upper lip, legs, bikini lines and armpits.

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I’ve tried every single at-home lip hair removal method and here are my brutally honest reviews…

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This involves using a single blade to remove the hair and dead skin cells from the surface of your skin (similar to shaving). It mainly targets peach fuzz (the soft, ultra fine baby hairs that offer appear along the upper lip.

Pros: It’s precise, pain-free and simple to do. Since it removes dead skin cells as well, it leaves skin feeling much smoother and creates an even base for makeup.

Cons: Hair grows back fairly quickly as this doesn’t remove them from the roots. If you’re too rough you can aggravate the skin creating irritation and acne.

Best for: The upper lip and baby hair on cheeks.

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Shaving your face can help with acne, rosacea and more… so no wonder dermaplaning appointments are so popular

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This involves pulling hair out of the roots using a thick gel made from sugar, lemon and hot water, much like a wax.