Discover the joys of a stress-free bike subscription in London this Summer

For a year now, some swish new bikes have been popping up throughout London… With their iconic blue front wheel, Swapfiets’ bicycles are now the best way to roam the streets of the capital freely, with zero stress! The disruptive Dutch brand offers its members a package deal curated specifically for peace of mind: you get your own bike or e-bike, with all repairs and maintenance included and if your wheels can’t be fixed, they’ll swap it for a replacement in 48 hours or less. There’s no excuse not to hit the road with this ride!

bike subscription

Let’s face it, with London traffic, the days of driving around in cars are counted. And we certainly don’t want to squeeze into the sweaty summer tube or crowded buses. But how are we supposed to live our city-dweller life and explore London while taking care of our planet, you say? The Dutch way, of course! 

Between the creation of bicycle lanes across the city and the arrival of e-Bikes, there’s never been a better time than now to hop on a bike. But owning your own ride can come with its share of troubles… Theft, wear and tear due to long distances and the specifications of a city environment are all issues to take into account in London. Not only can these issues rack up your expenses, they can also seriously ruin your day. The solution? Renting your bicycle with an all-inclusive membership!

bike subscription

Repairs included so you can focus on exploring London stress-free

Here lies Swapfiets’ biggest perk: their bike subscriptions come with quick repairs (under 48 hours) and a replacement bike if yours is stolen – and all this can be easily sorted through the app or in their Shoreditch store. Depending on the type of bike and membership you’re on a small excess can be applied – but that’s nothing compared to the toll of getting your own wheels snatched. 

From classic and timeless pedal bikes to top-notch e-Bikes such as the Power 7 model offering up to a 100km range, Swapfiets has a ride for every Londoner.

When it comes to memberships, the Dutch brand offers two options: “Flexible” or “Regular”. Under Flexible memberships, joining fees apply but you can cancel anytime, while Regular memberships have no joining fees and a 6-month minimum contract. 

Ah, to move around freely in the city without worrying about a flat tyre ruining your day… Or getting stuck in traffic… Or arriving at your destination all sweaty from the tube. We can’t wait – see you all riding around London!

bike subscription

PS : To help you get on their iconic blue-wheeled bikes, Swapfiets welcomes Summer by offering a free month on their memberships. Sign up here with the code BLUETYRE2022!