First Dates’ Fred Sirieix Is Giving Out Free Indian Street Food In London This Friday

When Friday comes around, and you’re counting down the hours until the weekend, it’s easy for lunch to fall by the wayside. Perhaps you’re sick of packed lunches and want to grab that Greggs that’s been calling your name. Maybe you ate Friday’s meal-planned lunch after getting home on Thursday, too tired to cook dinner. Well, what if First Dates’ Fred Sirieix could handle your Friday lunch worries?

By which we mean, he can, and will, this coming Friday, June 24, at Borough Market. is partnering up with Fred Sirieix and taking over the popular Horn OK Please venue to present A Taste for Adventure. Sirieix will be handing out a special food offering (completely free!) as part of an educational drive to teach consumers about the importance of travel health.

Credit: Jeff Spicer/PA Photo

That doesn’t mean the food will be poisonous! That would be a weird way to get you thinking about your health: the dangers of accepting free food. (Don’t make us distrust free food, we won’t do it!) Instead, the Taste for Adventure special meal will come with a leaflet about the importance of preparing for your holidays. The leaflet will come with a “handy pre-travel checklist, detailing everything you need to prepare for your trip“.

Okay, but why?

The campaign comes as new research conducted by Beware of the Bugs shows “less than half of British travellers look up recommended vaccinations for their chosen destination“. With Covid-19 travel restrictions relaxing around the world, holidays are on everyone’s minds. Beware of the Bugs wants to make sure everyone is prepared to travel safely, and with their health as a priority.

Fred will be handing out free food and leaflets between 1-3pm on Friday, June 24. Find it at the Horn OK Please food stand: Unit 55, Borough Market Kitchen, Jubilee Place, Winchester Walk, SE1 9AG.