Artworks Are Taking Over Canary Wharf As Part Of The Summer Lights Exhibition

The Summer solstice didn’t just mark the official beginning of summer (we know, we know – ‘it’s been summer for like three years by now’). It also saw London’s latest open-air art exhibition taking over Canary Wharf: Summer Lights.

Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

The Summer Lights display sees Canary Wharf’s six permanent light installations joined by eleven newly commissioned works. They are specifically designed to come to life as the sun rises. As the light shines through them, gorgeous multi-coloured patterns take over the surrounding area and buildings. A hand-blown glass exhibition, ‘Ebb and Flow’ presented by Louis Thompson in One Canada Square, joins the light installations as well. There is also an artwork walk, ‘An Hour of Glass’ by Colin Priest, which takes visitors throughout the estate.

Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

The works make use of, and play with, light in various different ways. Taking advantage of the longer summer days, they constantly evolve as the sun’s rays hit them. Works range from those composed out of translucent dice that scatter the light, even as they compose a picture (‘Bird’ by Yoni Alter at Wren Landing), to works that play with the sun’s reflection off them (‘Helix’ by Calidos at Cabot Square, and others). Meanwhile, Ottotto’s ‘The Long and Winding Road’ at Harbour Quay Gardens, walks visitors through a path illuminated by light dyed yellow by the artwork itself.

Credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Guided tours are available of the ‘An Hour of Glass’ at 11am on July 1o, 16, and 22. Email to reserve a space.

The Summer Lights exhibition is on display from June 21 – August 20. See a full list of the artworks and artists, and find out more at the website.