5 IKEA Essentials That Will Upgrade Your Summer Beach Trips

With one heatwave down and plenty more on the horizon (we hope!), it’s time to start planning day trips to our beautiful UK beaches. And any seasoned beach-goer knows that turning up with the right kit can elevate your enjoyment infinitely. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail, right?

Many of you will be surprised to know that alongside their excellent home furnishings, IKEA have a great range of summer and seasonal outdoor products. And we have rounded up a few of our favourite pieces that are sure to take your next beach excursion to the next level.

ikea beach essentials

Keep everything nice and chilled in this cool bag

Sandwiches, salads, maybe even a cheeky beer or two. Whatever’s in your beach picnic, keeping it at the right temperature can be pretty tricky when you’re in the midst of a British heatwave. Pack it all into this insulated SOMMARFLÄDER cool bag and it will remain lovely and cold, so you can wave goodbye to sweaty sandwiches!

ikea beach essentials picnic blanket
IKEA FJÄLLMOTT picnic blanket

Lay out all your goodies on this beach-friendly picnic blanket

Alfresco dining can sometimes seem like a bit of a battle with the elements, but there is no need to let the sand and the waves get in the way of your picnic. Leave your best throws at home and set up shop on this FJÄLLMOTT picnic blanket, made durable with its sturdy waterproof bottom. And with handy velcro straps, you can roll it up and chuck it over your shoulder when you’re done.

ikea beach essentials parasol
IKEA SAMSÖ parasol

Stay nice and shaded under a parasol

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to sun-exposure, and it’s always good to have somewhere to take respite from the rays. Take a moment of shade under this SAMSÖ parasol, and use the dial to adjust the height and angle to suit your sunbathing needs all day long.

IKEA beach essentials fold-up beach chair
IKEA KÅSEBERGA beach chair

Recline all day in a fold-up beach chair

Lying on a towel is fine, sure. But it can’t be denied that a bit of lovely back support doesn’t go amiss when you’re at the beach for the day. This light-weight, foldable KÅSEBERGA beach chair is the perfect place to perch and soak in that stunning view. And you can save yourself from getting all sandy after going for a dip!

IKEA beach essentials vaccum flask
IKEA UNDERLÄTTA vacuum flask

Serve up refreshingly cold drinks from a vacuum flask

You just can’t beat a frosty beverage on a boiling hot day. And with this UNDERLÄTTA vacuum flask, you can keep your drinks just the temperature you desire. Whether you want a juicy jug of cold Pimms, or some warming hot chocolate for when the sun starts to set, this flask is the perfect picnic gadget.