Ever heard of ‘face yoga’? Here’s what to know about the trend that everyone seems to be obsessed with

To help counter these changes, Perry recommends regular facial exercise. “As with any workout, consistency is key,” she says, “just like you won’t get a six-pack after three sit-ups, it’s the same with your face.” To see a real difference, Perry suggests incorporating face yoga into your daily routine – “skin will eventually become tighter and healthier.”  

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Five face yoga movements to try now

Theron shares three easy face yoga exercises to try at home: 

Hey Smiley 

“Smile by pulling the corners of your mouth outward, don’t grimace or crinkle your eyes. Instead, imagine that you are saying the letter ‘E’. The rest of your face should be totally still. Keeping holding this position, for at least 10 seconds, then release.

It may feel like you are doing very little, but you are actually targeting those small muscles around your mouth to help prevent sagging at the corners.” 

Corrugator Lift 

“Take your index finger and place it on your corrugator muscle, right between your eyebrows. Next, raise your eyebrows up and down 10 times. Lift those brows up as far as they can go to deepen the workout and the stretch. 

This exercise is so amazing to build your forehead’s strength and brighten your eyes. Keep that index finger firmly on the corrugator throughout.”

The Thinker 

“Make a fist and rest your chin on it, like you’re feeling the weight of the day. While you maintain the upward pressure from your fist, open your mouth against that pressure, and then close again. Keep opening and closing while maintaining the pressure from your fist. Do this 10 times. This exercise will burn, but it’s so worth it!” 

Cheek Burpees

“Place your right hand on the right side of your face. Lightly use your hand to pull the cheek’s skin back. Now, breathe out forcefully toward the left for 10 reps. Try as hard as you can to work against the stretch created from your hand. 

Now bring your left hand to your left cheek and repeat the same exercise for ten reps. Remember, one side of your face may be weaker than the other, so don’t worry about taking it a little easier in some of the reps.”

Eye Squint

“Focus on a point in the distance and squint your eyes like you can’t see. Hold for three seconds, then open your eyes up wide in total surprise. Squint again, hold as much as you can, and finally open them as wide as you can. One more time, squint, tight, and open wide, as wide as you can.”