This is the perfect summer dress for you, according to your star sign

Have you ever considered trusting your star sign to dictate your wardrobe?

We may have been praying for summer over the last few months, but it seems that now the season has officially – touching lots of wood – arrived, we’re not quite as prepared as we thought we were.

In reaction to last week’s quite unexpected heatwave we’ve panic bought vat-like bottles of factor 50, reacquainted ourselves with lockdown’s viral dalgona iced coffee recipe and cleaned our balcony furniture, but it seems – after two years spent in varying rotations of loungewear – our wardrobes are proving a little trickier to transition.

If you’re struggling to find the dress of your dreams right now, fear not – you’re not alone. Perhaps due to the pressure that we, ourselves, have put on our ‘post-pandemic wardrobes’, it’s been trickier than usual to rediscover our love of a good old-fashioned summer dress.

So why not look to the stars for the answer? 

We trust horoscopes to foresee our most intimate and important life events, why not rely on the humble star sign for a little sartorial nudge too?

Here is the summer dress you’ve been looking for all along, according to your star sign…


21 December–18 January


You’re ambitious and persistent, but there’s no denying that your realism and disciplined practicality take over when it comes to your style. The undisputed queens of a capsule wardrobe, you know what you like and you know exactly where to get it. Heritage labels are your weakness, however, so when there’s a timeless vintage Chanel piece available – that you can see working for any occasion – no other buyer stands a chance.

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19 January–17 February