10 Places To Catch All The UEFA Women’s EURO Championship Action This Summer

It feels like just last year that we were hungrily devouring all of the Men’s EURO 2020 action. And that’s because it was, as 2020’s championship was delayed to 2021 for obvious reasons. Now, the EUFA Women’s Euro 2022 Championship action is coming to England quick smart. The first game kicks off at Old Trafford on July 6, with England taking on Austria.

Given that we’re both hosting the championship, and one of the favourites to win (so I’m told by my more football keen friends) the action is not to be missed. Tickets may have already sold out for the final match at Wembley, but you’ve still got plenty of viewing options.

1. Grab tickets for a London match

Okay, so you might not have been able to get your hands on a ticket for the final, but that doesn’t mean you’re completely out of luck! Plenty of tickets are still available for matches at London’s Brentford Community Stadium. Germany, Denmark, and Spain will be playing their first round of matches there. If you’re raring to watch England play, you’ll have to already been lucky enough to nab a ticket for their first round matches. Otherwise, read on for London’s viewing options.

2-4. BOXPARK, various locations

All eyes will be glued to the tellies at BOXPARK, with live screenings of matches from all of the 16 participating countries across the three BOXPARK locations. Different ticket options are available across the sites and for various games. There’s £10 tickets that include free drink or food, up to £70 table tickets for 6 people with drinks included. Check the individual match listings to find out more about the options available.

Grab a ticket from their website to secure your place.

5. Eccleston Yards, Belgravia

Sometimes you need to find an oasis inside London to truly enjoy yourself, away from all the bustle of the big city. If that’s the case, Eccleston Yards in Belgravia is the ultimate place to go. They’re right in the middle of showing all the Wimbledon action at the moment, but keep an eye on socials for more information about the specials they’ll have on to accompany the Women’s EURO matches.

6. Truman’s Social Club, Walthamstow

It’s a beer hall. A pretty massive one at that. Surely that alone makes you sure that this is the place to be to take in the action. Situated at the start of the Blackhorse Beer Mile, Truman’s Social Club is the perfect place to take in the action after a day of sampling some of East London’s best craft beer options. Even if you haven’t checked out the nearby delights, Truman’s has plenty of options across their 20 taps and specialty coffee, wine, soft drinks, spirits, and food selections. The England games will be a particular highlight, projected in High Definition onto their huge 18 foot screen.

Book at their website so you don’t miss out.

7. EURO 2022 Trafalgar Square Fan Party

A visualization that shows what the Trafalgar Square UEFA Women's EURO Championship Fan Party will look like

As the Women’s EURO Championship gets into full swing, the EURO 2022 Trafalgar Square Fan Party will hit the streets of central London for the latter stages of the competition. Over nine days, from July 23-31, they’ll be offering up a massive fan experience. There’ll be match livestreams, a screening of Bend It Like Beckham to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary, and more activities and events. A pop-up football pitch will see exhibition matches and the opportunity for coaching sessions. And there’ll be plenty of food and drink on offer too. And to top it all off, entry is free! Find out more at the website.

We’re all familiar with James Cochran’s iconic 12:51 restaurant in Islington at this point, right? If not, run, don’t walk, to the website and grab a reservation for one of London’s most exciting places to eat. Well, the team behind the restaurant decided they wanted to start up a sports bar that will also function as the permanent home of Cochran’s cult lockdown fried chicken offering, Around The Cluck. A 90’s retro throwback bar, they promise to be a wholly inclusive space that welcomes anyone. They’ll be opening just in time for you to catch all the Women’s EURO action in a completely unique setting. Be sure to book.

An inclusive viewing experience from a group of “friends, event producers, DJs, musicians, passionate members of the Queer community and HUGE football fans”. They’ll be taking over The Stag’s Head in Hoxton, where they’ll be showing all of the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 matches in a supportive, friendly, and completely welcoming environment. It doesn’t matter who you are or who you support, anyone can enjoy the action with Baller FC.

10. Hit up your local

A group of friends enjoying some beers and food at one of the best London breweries
Photo: @shutterstock

Alternatively, head to your favourite pub to see if they’re showing it. There’ll be plenty around London keeping people up to date with the action. And isn’t there something great about being surrounded by the regulars and locals of the area you live in, all enjoying the action together?