Three American women share their abortion stories to highlight the stark reality of overturning Roe v Wade

“To add salt to my wounds, I was required to multiple ultrasounds to “prove” that I indeed miscarried and wasn’t lying. When you’re early in your pregnancy your ultrasound is a transvaginal one, which on its own is already uncomfortable. But being required to have multiple because

“A politician tells you have to for “proof”, it’s incredibly violating. I had to hear the same news 3 times “sorry for your loss”. Why put women through that multiple times and make her feel like she’s in the wrong for what happened???”

Marlena received an outpouring of support for what she had to go through, with one person commenting: “I’m so so sorry. I had an ectopic pregnancy that I miscarried. My body also wouldn’t expel it. Thankfully I was able to have the procedures I needed. You shouldn’t have had to go through that. No one should. You are strong mama.”

Another wrote: “I’m so sorry for the loss of your baby. Politicians dictating what healthcare women deserve, or don’t deserve is unconscionable!  We are going backwards! I’m so glad you’ve recovered and your beautiful family has their lovely Mom!”

And actor Hilarie Burton has also spoken out about how an abortion before the precedent of Roe was overturned allowed her “uterus to heal” and overcome her fertility struggles, enabling her to conceive a second child, her now four-year-old daughter George.

She also noted that having her daughter would not have been possible if Roe v Wade had been overturned when she needed an abortion. Her story is a grim reminder of yet another way women will be affected by the ruling.

Alongside a picture of her daughter, Hilarie wrote on Instagram: “This is my child. My beloved. My daughter. It is no secret I struggled with infertility. Losing multiple pregnancies before her was traumatic. But female bodies are all different and unpredictable. Having an abortion after my fetus died allowed for my uterus to heal in a way that made it healthy enough to carry future pregnancies. It doesn’t matter if you use the term D&C. The official word on the hospital paperwork is abortion. That’s what it was.

“You know what would have made that painful day even worse? If abortion had been illegal, and law enforcement inspected my body to make sure I hadn’t caused my own miscarriage. Cause that’s what’s coming. It’s already happened. It was commonplace before #roevwade.”

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