Get Growing With a Hartley Botanic Greenhouse


A greenhouse represents a major investment in the development of your garden, not just from the practical standpoint of being able to grow the plants that you always dreamed of, but also in terms of the effect it will have on the design and appearance of your garden. The golden rule, when planning for a greenhouse, is to work out what size you think you will need for all your expected gardening activities, and then double it! Once you have discovered just how much a greenhouse can do, your horticultural plans are likely to become increasingly ambitious, and for that you will need space.

You will probably want to match the style of your greenhouse, not only to its intended use, but also to its setting in your garden. For food production in a kitchen garden – or if the greenhouse is for purely functional purposes, there is no need to spend extra cash on fancy styles. But if the structure is to sit – as most do – at the heart of a cherished garden, the extra investment in a beautiful one is so worthwhile. A well designed and soundly constructed greenhouse becomes a handsome focal point, not merely producing fine plants for your garden but also an object of beauty and pride in its own right.