10 Of The Best Cake Shops In London To Get Your Sugar Fix

London is home to some of the best cake shops in the world – fact! From the oldest person to the youngest, everyone seems to get their lips around a good, spongy cake here in London Town. From classic British cakes to exotic French pastries, there’s something for everyone at these London cake shops. So go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth – you deserve it! Not sure where to start? Well luckily we’ve got you sorted – here’s a rundown of ten of the best cake shops in London:

1. Hummingbird Bakery

A delicious slice of cheesecake served at the famous Hummingbird Bakery in London
Photo: @shutterstock

With several locations across London, the Hummingbird Bakery is always a great option for a tasty treat. Friendly and quick service with a smile awaits you, along with yummy cupcakes, cakes, cheesecakes and other pastries. They specialise in American-style cupcakes and cakes, and you’ll find all sorts of mouth-watering flavours on offer here.

In addition to classic cupcakes, they also offer mini-sized ones with flavours like red velvet, chocolate peanut butter and even key lime pie. Standouts on sale here include the ‘mile high chocolate salted caramel’, ‘lemon raspberry ripple’ and ‘rainbow cake’. But – don’t limit yourself –  why not go all out, hey?!

You’ll find Hummingbird Bakery at three different locations in London. You can find out more here

A delicious slice of chocolate cake and two coffees served at Peggy Porschen Cakes, one of the best cake shops in London
Photo: @shutterstock

One of the most famous bakeries in the whole of London, Peggy Porschen is a real must-see. The inviting pink and purple hues along with white patio furniture may make you want to fall head over heels right away – and that’s before you’ve even taken a bite of their lip-smackingly good offerings.

You’ll never regret eating one single bite of their incredible chocolate raspberry cupcake. Deliciousness alert – your taste buds are about to enjoy something delectable, so you’d better thank them in advance for the joy they’re about to experience. One dish that Peggy specialises in is her cupcakes – especially if they’re topped with chocolate raspberry frosting. A mouth-watering menu for every chocoholics’ dream!

You’ll find Peggy Porshen Cakes at 116 Ebury Street, London, SW1W 9QQ. You can find out more here.

3. The Cake Parlour

The Cake Parlour is one of the most popular cake shops in London, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer a huge range of both classic and creative cakes, all of which are absolutely delicious. The red velvet cake is one of the most popular cakes at this bakery – the original British chocolate flavours are always excellent – but it’s hard to beat their classic flavour combination with vanilla frosting or raspberry filling.

They also do beautiful custom-made cakes – perfect for a special occasion like a wedding or a big ‘old knees up. You’re not limited in size or flavour, and there are plenty of designs for you to choose.

You’ll find The Cake Parlour at 65 Sloane St, London, SW1X 9SH. You can find out more here

4. Lola’s Cupcakes

A cart selling some delicious cakes from Lola's Cupcakes, one of the best cake shops in London
Photo: @shutterstock

The cupcakes at Lola’s are always so good that it’s really hard to pick a favourite. The raspberry ripple is always a winner, as is the chocolate fudge cake. Better yet, they can all be delivered, so you can get whatever you want right to your front door.

Lola’s also have an extensive selection of both vegan and gluten-free cupcakes, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Trust us, these cupcakes are so good – you’ll never guess they didn’t have all the ingredients in!

You’ll find Lola’s Cupcakes at 214 Acton Lane, NW10 7NH, London, United Kingdom. You can find out more here

5. Cakes & Bakes

This cute cake shop chain in London is always packed with people – and for good reason. The cakes are absolutely delicious, and they have a great selection of both sweet and savoury options throughout each of one of their stores. You’ll be sure to find something to your taste!

The carrot cake is one of the most popular cakes at this bakery and is packed with goodies like raisins, nuts and spices. The lemon cake is also excellent, and the chocolate brownies are sure to fill any satisfy any sugar craving you may have. In fact – you may as well be travelling to ‘Dopamine Land’ with these. Stop by today and try one of their delicious creations!

You’ll find Cakes & Bakes at various locations in London. You can find out more here

6. The Lily Vanilli Bakery

A delightful slice of pink cake served at Lily Vanilli, one of London's best bakeries
Photo: @lily_vanilli_cake

The Lily Vanilli Bakery and cake shop is a hidden gem. They make all of their cakes from scratch using only the finest ingredients. No shortcuts are taken when it comes to quality. All of their cakes are bursting with flavour, thanks to the fresh and flavourful ingredients they use, and it really shows making it one of the best cake shops in London.

The Victoria sponge is excellent. What could be better than a fluffy cake oozing with good quality jam? Not to mention the lemon drizzle cake – it’s pretty much what dreams are made of! The perfect balance of tart and sweet, it’s no wonder that this cake is so popular. A perfect date idea perhaps?!

You’ll find The Lily Vanilli Bakery at The Courtyard, 18 Ezra St, London, E2 7RH. You can find out more here

7. Little Bread Pedlar

Delicious pastries from Little Bread Pedlar.
Photo: @lbpedlar

This East London bakery is well known for its incredible sourdough bread which is all you can eat, but the cakes are also worth a try! The items on the site are made in-house, and you can watch as they’re being processed.

Little Bread Pedlar is an absolute must for any cake lover. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more extensive variety of cakes than what they have here, from rich chocolatey treats or fruity flavours that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! The pastries will make you forget all about those carbs with their divine taste and fluffy texture–you absolutely cannot go wrong indulging in one (or five) of them while shopping at this little baker’s shop.

You’ll find Little Bread Pedlar at Unit 4-6, Spa Business Park, Dockley Road, London, SE16 3FJ. You can find out more online

8. Primrose Bakery

This bakery has been around for over a decade, so it’s clear that they’re doing something right. It definitely is one of the best cake shops in London we say – the cakes are absolutely delicious, and they have a great selection of both classic and creative flavours and waffles to boot too. The bakery has such cute party decor, like candles and plates, and they also have one of the best vegan cakes in London here – it’s pretty damn hard to find places that make them this well.

You should definitely try out this store when looking for your next sweet treat. Delivery also works great online through a website ordering system where friendly staff will help you find to something that suits your tastes.

You’ll find Primrose Bakery at 69 Gloucester Avenue, London, NW1 8LD. You can find out more online

A moist and delectable cake made at Cutter and Squidge in Soho
Photo: @cutterandsquidge

If you’re looking for an incredible cookie cake in London, the ‘biscoff’ one at Cutter & Squidge is definitely worth a try. But if you want to go for something else, the other cakes are also delicious and well worth your while. So go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth… see what we did there?

Have you always loved the Harry Potter series? If you are a fan of the wizarding world and cakes, then this experience will be for you.  The place is filled with interactive and immersive experiences themed to the ‘boy that lived’ that make it the perfect destination for any lover of magic and sweet treats!

You’ll find Cutter & Squidge at 20 Brewer Street, London, W1F 0SJ. You can find out more here

10. Kova Patisserie

This Japanese-inspired cake shop is one of the most popular cake shops in London, and for good reason. The cakes are absolutely stunning, and they offer a great selection of both classic and creative. They’ve got you covered with classics like strawberry and vanilla. Or, if you’re looking for something slightly more unique, they also provide exciting options like mango and peach. No matter what your taste, they have a flavour for you!

The cakes in this London patisserie might seem expensive when you first look at them, but then once you take a bite and experience their quality for yourself – there’s no way anyone could ever regret paying.

You’ll find Kova Patisserie at 9-12 St. Annes Court Unit 5, London, W1F 0BB. You can find out more here

So there you have it – whether you have a sweet tooth or not, these cake shops in London will leave you wanting more. Your next sugar-high adventure awaits – happy eating!