We meet Nital Ruparelia, the founder of My Veggie Bubba + WIN!

Why plant based?

I was brought up in an Indian vegetarian household where the majority of the meals we had were plant-based. Over the years dairy allergies and intolerances have increased not just in adults but in children too. Plant-based foods are not just healthy but they are more sustainable for the planet. A plant-based diet is healthy and safe for toddlers; as long as it’s well balanced and full of variety. One of the most attractive reasons to me is that you’re setting up your child with sustainable habits for the future. By teaching them from an early age the array of flavours, textures and nutrients that come from plants.

When did your love of food begin? Did you learn to cook growing up?

I have always loved cooking from an early age. I used to help my mother and grandmother cook in the kitchen. I grew up in a large extended family, our kitchen was always in full swing all day everyday. Josh loves cooking as well, he has his own apron and rolling pin. He loves eating the foods he makes! 

How are you innovating in the baby and children’s food space? 

Currently on the market there’s no fully plant-based Indian inspired meal delivery service for babies and children. Our meals are loved by children and led by nutrition.

Proudest moment since launching My Veggie Bubba? 

Our proudest moment since launching MVB meals is seeing all the lovely videos and reading all the incredible reviews about our meals!

Favourite meals to cook with your own family?

Nothing beats a good detoxifying plant-based Kichari (rice and lentils) with an eggplant curry. This meal is not just healthy but comforting too. This is our go to Monday meal, especially after a hectic weekend!

And finally, is there anything exciting coming up for My Veggie Bubba we should know about?

Our meals will be launching soon in local stores around North London, and we are constantly uploading new plant-recipes on our website. We are also working very closely with our nutritionist to bring out more educational blogs about plant-based meals for babies and toddlers, weaning and much more!