5 Ridiculously Rum-Filled Ways To Ring In World Rum Day This Weekend

Ah, World Rum Day. A day that surely needs no introduction, that is celebrated with the same keen breathlessness as, say, Hallowe’en, or Take Your Dog To Work Day. No? You didn’t know it was coming up? You haven’t even set an itinerary for the day yet? Well, you’re in luck as we’ve got a few ideas for you on how to best celebrate World Rum Day this July 9.

1. Attend a full on rum (and gin) festival

This years Gin and Rum Festival very conveniently falls on World Rum Day. So, what else would you possibly choose to do to commemorate the day? They’ll be offering up a staggering selection of 120 gins and rums (and even some tequilas this year), and there will even be festival exclusive options. Samples are complimentary (included in the ticket price), so you can just wander around trying out various rums to your heart’s content.

Tickets are available here.

2. Grab a bottle to try at home

Someone pouring East London rum into an already overflowing glass
Credit: East London Liquor Company

London has no shortage of locally made or distilled rum for you to try out. There’s the obvious ones such as the cult-favourite Cabby’s Rum, which is made at London’s first rum distillery. But there’s also options such as East London Liquor Company‘s East London Rum, or East London Rarer Rum, or even rums from Merser & Co London Rum Merchants, who blend their own creations using spirit distilled in the Caribbean. If you’re after something wildly different, however, there’s the latest release from coffee liqueur legends Mr. Black, who have released their limited-edition Rum Barrel Coffee Liqueur.

3. Drink some of Brixton’s best rum punch

a shot of Brixton village exterior, where you can also see the entrance to the Fish Wings & Tings restaurant
Credit: Fish, Wings & Tings

Those in the know are already well aware of the notorious rum punch from Brixton’s Fish Wings & Tings. Their Tina’s Rum Punch combines guava, pineapple, orange, mango, and, in their own words “copious amounts of Wray and Nephew”. Packing a proper punch, it’s a good thing they also serve up plenty of delicious food to soak up the booze and clear up your head. They also offer up a range of Caribbean rums, so if you’d like to try something else to commemorate the day, they’re happy to accommodate. And you’d be foolish to miss out on some Rum And Ting while you’re there. While you’re at it, if you’re heading to Fish Wings & Tings, just set aside a good portion of the day for it.

4. Make your own rum

Now typically rum-making, or rum-distilling rather, would take rather longer than a mere few-hours-in-a-day’s worth of effort. Fortunately, at Islington’s Laki Kane they offer up rum-making experiences that rather expedite the process. The two hour experience guides you through the history of rum with a tasting of five different examples, before you flavour and redistill your own 500ml bottle of rum. You’ll also get four complimentary paired cocktails, a total of seven rum samples, a gift bag for your rum, and even the opportunity to re-order the rum you designed in the future. Imagine that for a gift down the line!

There’s still space for you to book a slot for this Saturday through their website, so get on it quick!

5. Hit up one of London’s best rum bars

Perhaps the simplest, and maybe even the most effective, way to celebrate World Rum Day would just be to hit up a London bar that serves up a cracking selection of rum. Taste your way through neat pours, daiquris, or mai tais, and explore the gamut of options rum presents to you. Luckily, we’ve already done the hard work for you in finding the best places to do just that. Aren’t we nice and helpful?

Now go forth, and enjoy the wonder that is a day dedicated to hard liquor. What a joy.