Transparent eyeliner is the subtle update makeup minimalists will love

Eyeliner is headlining this summer, from kitten liner to graphic liner, and butterfly liner to batwing liner. But now a new rendition is taking off: transparent eyeliner, and makeup minimalists will love it.

You know us, we’re all for a twist on a classic, which is why we’re here for switching out trad black winged liner for something a little more offbeat. And while last summer white liner took off, for 2022 things have got even more subtle and low-key.

Essentially, transparent liner involves erasing out the line where your regular liner would go using concealer. Creator, Lenka Lul gave the trend a go with a TikTok and Instagram reel walking followers through how it’s done.

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She starts by using an angled liner brush pressing the edge against the wand of Huda Beauty’s Faux Filter Concealer to pick up the pigment, and apply a negative space wing. Sketching a line from her bottom lash line and her top lash line to meet at a point, she leaves the centre bare so you can still see the eyeshadow base through it. Next she uses the same brush to diffuse the concealer line slightly outward so that it’s more subtle. And to finish the look off, Lenka used Benefit’s Precisely My Brow Pencil in the shade 3.5 to neaten up her brows and Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey on her lips.

She tagged makeup artist May Tahmina, who created the video that inspired her own. May tackled the trend slightly differently, creating a floating winged eyeshadow look by encircling her whole eye area from the inner to the outer corner with concealer, then blending it out for a futuristic transparent eyeliner look.