The butterfly mani is the biggest nail art trend of this summer

A new mani design has flown into our lives and made our hearts flutter. But, while some trends come and go, this one’s got wings. Any guesses? The Butterfly mani is shaping up to be this summer’s most popular nail art trend with searches for the term “butterfly nails” soaring by over 350% on Pinterest.

It’s an extension of the Y2K revival that’s seen the butterfly emblem that became popular in the noughties thanks to Mariah, McQueen and the supers, resurrect itself as the symbol of Gen Z. And with mega stans, Dua Lipa, Lizzo and Bella Hadid leading the way but already we’ve seen butterfly lashes, butterfly clips, butterfly liner and the butterfly haircut take flight.

Next up, our nails have become dinky canvases for the motif to land and honestly, it couldn’t be cuter. While we’ve seen a return toward more minimal manis with milky nails and barely-there shades trending, the butterfly mani is a pretty way to add an accent and some modern nostalgia.

Plus there’s so many ways to wear them whether you prefer a design that’s more subtle or statement.

One man who knows a thing or two about how to nail a butterfly mani is Chaun Peth, better-known as @chaunlegend. He’s the nail artist responsible for creating fun butterfly designs for Dua, Normani and Kylie Jenner.

Elsewhere, nail artist, Betina Goldstein, is a good one to watch for minimalist renditions of the trend. 

Here’s seven of our fave ways to wear the butterfly mani…

1. Glitz like Dua Lipa

The singer paired blue and pink butterfly motifs with silver glitter French tips.

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2. Marbled Pink like Normani

Singer, Normani, finished off a marbled rose quartz mani with a purple butterfly accent on her ring finger and little finger.