Temperatures In London Could Top 35°C By The End Of This Week

After a blisteringly warm few days in London, we’re here. Monday morning, probably all a bit sleep deprived from the saunas we slept in last night, but perhaps still on a high from the sun-kissed weekend in the city.

Those who are praying for a slightly cooler time in London this week should probably look away, though, as the heat is not going anywhere; no — it’s actually going to ramp up a level. By Sunday (July 17), we could be looking at a melting 35°C in London, making it hotter in the big smoke than the Bahamas, if only for a few fleeting days.

Will it feel like a sunny paradise, though? Mm. Not so likely — at least, not all the time. The humidity here, mixed with the fact we still have to jump on a busy train to work, could be kindly described as “pretty unpleasant”, although those with air conditioning at their offices will be breathing a sigh of relief.

Kicking off the week is a pretty brutal couple of 31°C days, before it drops to a mildly more tolerable 27°C on Friday (July 15). But, you’ll need to prepare yourself for what comes next, as Sunday could mark the hottest day of the year, with forecasters also predicting a pretty sweltering 34°C in London on Monday (July 18).

In essence, it’s going to be very, very hot. Remember to carry water around with you, particularly on busy trains, slather yourself with high SPF sun cream, and seek a cool, shady spot if the sun gets too much. But also, remember to whip out those barbecues and enjoy it before the rain comes back to haunt us once more. Good luck, stay safe, and happy heatwave-ing, Londoners.