This Ice Cream Pop-Up Is Serving Up Brain-Freezingly Terrifying Flavours

What are you craving for dessert? Some Worcestershire sauce? Or maybe you’d prefer a scoop of Kikkoman Soy Sauce? Ah, no, of course, I remember you mentioning earlier that it had been a while since you’d had any Heinz Baked Beans ice cream. Well, then you just have to head over to the Anya Hindmarch Village in Belgravia. There, the Summer pop-up The Ice Cream Project is serving up all of those flavours, and more.

Ice Cream Project Flavours
Credit: Anya Hindmarch

That’s right, British fashion designer Anya Hindmarch has seen fit to serve up some of the most Willy Wonka-esque flavours of ice cream and sorbet. The flavours haven’t just come from nowhere, however, as their inspiration can be traced to recent releases from the Anya Hindmarch brand. The pop-up, described as a “minimalist temple to the joy of ice cream and sorbet, with a twist,” serves up tubs of dessert whose flavours mirror the Anya Brands accessories collection.

Now, about those flavours

All of the flavours have been developed to actually be rather delicious, no matter how bizarre they sound. The Heinz Baked Beans flavour, for example, is a rich, sweet ice cream packed full of protein that supposedly counts towards one of your five-a-day. The Heinz Mayonnaise flavour, meanwhile, is rich and creamy with the zesty and bright addition of a touch of lemon and vinegar. And the Lea & Perrins flavour? Well, that’s tomato sorbet with a dash of Worcestershire sauce thrown in. Yeah. We’re still not sure about that one.

More flavours from The Ice Cream Project
Credit: Anya Hindmarch

The Ice Cream Project is running from July 9 – August 28. There’s plenty of time to take your friends for an ice cream surprise. And don’t worry, there are also some delicious-sounding flavours. Kellogg’s Coco Pop ice cream anyone? Lyle’s golden syrup? Come on! Or what about the Bird’s Custard flavour?

With some intriguing flavours and some downright baffling ones, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want to try them all. Do you think they offer up tasters?