Here are all the celebrities who got married in Las Vegas (and how you can too!)

Jennifer Lopez uploaded to her newsletter pics from her and Ben’s wedding. Credit: On The JLoonthejlo

How to make sure you’re eligible

Getting married in Vegas is not a free for all, and some requirements need to be met to tie the knot there.

You need to be at least 18 years old to get married. Minors aged 17 can marry only with the consent of one parent or legal guardian – and only after a court finds that the marriage is in the minor’s best interest.

You are not allowed to marry if you are closer than second cousins in kinship; otherwise, incest charges may apply. You are not allowed to marry if you have any other living husband or wife; otherwise, bigamy charges may apply.

The couple does not need to be Nevada residents. A wedding in Vegas doesn’t require any residency at all.

How to apply for a marriage license

As a Brit, you must be on top of paperwork to get married in Vegas.

You will need to head to the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau to complete a marriage license application, which is valid for one year from the issue date, provided the ceremony is performed in any Wedding Chapel, Church or the Civil Marriage Commissioner’s Office by an authorised person.

You should also have a valid 10-year passport and birth certificate to present at the bureau. If applicable, the following are also needed: Decree Absolute (final divorce paper), Death Certificate (if you’re a widow/widower), Change of Name Deed (required if you’ve changed your name) and if you a minor, written consent from your parents or guardian.

This application process costs $77 (£60). Both parties will need to be present to obtain the license. You can complete the application online here beforehand, which will make things quicker once at the bureau.

Can you just go to a chapel in Vegas and get married?

Yes, in Vegas, 24/7 chapels do exist, so you could technically choose a chapel or alternate wedding venue at the last moment to keep with the fun and spontaneous theme.

But there are simply loads of places to choose from, and they all offer different wedding packages (budget to luxury). Most chapel ceremonies are done in a bit ten minutes, others may be longer with included photography packages, and others may be pricier if you bring a group of guests, so a bit of research is recommended!

Do you get a marriage certificate straight away?

This requires a little bit of a wait. Once your Vegas ceremony is over, your officiant has to file the paperwork at the Clark County Clerk’s Office within ten days. You can then order proof of marriage for $15 (£12) online, by mail or in person if you’re still in Vegas – the latter we recommend, because why would you want to head home straight after your big Vegas wedding?! Milk the celebrations as long as possible!