Blame It On The Juice At This Lizzo-Centric Rooftop Party Where It’s All Lizzo All Night Lizz-ong

A celebration of one of the year’s most anticipated albums is hitting one of London’s favourite rooftops, Roof East. To mark the release of Lizzo’s latest album, Special, Roof East is hosting a grand Lizzo-themed bash. It’ll be all about great music, positive vibes, and dance routines so infectious your nan probably even knows a few moves.

The Let’s Get Lizzolicious celebration takes place on July 23,  hosted by British drag legend, Vinegar Strokes of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame. The night will feature a Lizzo-themed drag spectacular, dance tutorials, a Lizzo Juice cocktail (featuring Lizzo’s favourite, tequila), and a special Karaoke Taxicab takeover. So you’ll spend your night celebrating almost every aspect of the chanteuse’s charms. She may be famed for her flute solos,  but we’re guessing flute-for-beginners lessons would have been a disaster.

The dance tutorials come from Trina Nicole, founder of the UK’s first plus sized dance class, The Curve Catwalk. Learn how to bust some moves (and not flail wildly like us) to Tik Tok dominating About Damn Time. And given that Nicole’s performance credits include Beyonce, Nao, and Lizzo herself, you know you’re in good hands.

For the singers, Roof East’s Karaoke Taxicab will be programmed with exclusively Lizzo tracks for the night. We’re sure attendees will be running from the dance tutorial to the karaoke to put their new steps to the test while they belt out the track.

some people dance at a the curve catwalk session
Credit: Supplied

Tickets are £15, with access to the Vinegar Strokes show, the dance tutorial, and the Karaoke Taxicab included. A Lizzo Juice cocktail is also included in the price. Check out the website for more information, and to book your tickets.