Brad Pitt wore a rugged skirt to the Bullet Train premiere

Brad Pitt is taking things easy, man. For the red-carpet premiere of his latest action-packed flick, Bullet Train, the A-lister went full Beach Dude with sunglasses, some funky jewelry, mussed blonde hair, an untucked shirt, and a skirt. But, like, a rugged skirt.

At a screening in Berlin, the actor showed off his tattooed legs in a dark brown skirt made of, I wanna say, linen or burlap? It matches (ish) his jacket, which is tossed lightly over a pink button-down that has only one visible button. So chill.

A gray goatee and black combat boots complete the look:

Ben Kriemann

Pitt has been on something of a creative kick recently. He’s selling cashmere shirts (?) via ex-fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow‘s website Goop, he’s been playing guitar, and he’s making porcelain sculptures. Thick ones. For men. Is it all to distract us from his messy divorce? Of course not.

Pitt’s not the only leading man to step out in a skirt recently. Billy Porter wore a gown to the 2019 Oscars, and earlier this year Oscar Isaac wore two skirts during his press tour for Moon Knight. Not to mention the men who have worn skirts and dresses during performances and fashion shoots, including Pitt himself, who wore a bunch of little dresses for a 1999 profile in Rolling Stone.

The tribal-style tats Pitt is showing off appear to include a rhinoceros illustration. We can’t see his arms in this pic, but according to Page Six, he has at least two literary phrases inked there: “Absurdities de l’ existence” (French for “life is absurd”) and a Rumi quote (“There exists a field, beyond all notions of right and wrong, I will meet you there”).

Highbrow allusions aside, would this ensemble pass the Bruce Paltrow Sniff Test? Brad Pitt explained that it was Gwyn’s dad who taught him about true elegance. “Bruce taught me about cashmere, what a nice bottle of red is—what a fine bottle of wine means and how to experience it. And I really value that,” he said. “Hanging out with both of you sanded off some of my rough country edges. It tickled my luxury gene that I always had somewhere in there but didn’t have access to.”

So, for next time? We’re getting our skirts at Saks.

This story was originally published on GLAMOUR US.