Dine At One Of These Four London Restaurants And A Meal Will Be Donated To A Community Kitchen

Mr. Organic is partnering up with four London restaurants to support those in need of food. Each restaurant has come up with their own special dish, and for each one that is sold in the month of July, Mr. Organic will donate a meal to the Made In Hackney community kitchen. The plant-based specials take advantage of Mr. Organic ingredients to offer up something delicious that you can also feel good about ordering.

Find out more about the restaurants, and the special dishes they’ll be serving up, below.

The Spread Eagle, (Homerton High Street, Hackney)

The special martini on offer, those who order it will also ensure a meal is donated to a community kitchen
Photo: Romina Callwitz

Okay, so The Spread Eagle isn’t quite offering up what you might expect. It’s not a dish, necessarily, but instead an incredible drink. Their special offering is a Chocolate & Hazelnut Martini. Indulgent and rich, the drink makes full use of Mr. Organic’s Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread for a delicious beverage.

W.A.V.E, (Dispensary Lane, Hackney)

A hidden gem in Hackney, W.A.V.E is all about ultra-chilled vibes in a gorgeous secluded oasis, just off Hackney’s bustling Mare Street. They’ll be offering up a supremely comforting Creamy Pesto Pasta as part of the promotion, whipped up with Mr. Organic’s Basil Pesto. Topped off with a garlic and lemon gremolata, it’s so good you’d be buying it even if you weren’t aware of the meals being donated.

Plant Hub (Green Lanes, Islington)

the calzone on offer for which a donated meal will be given
Photo: Romina Callwitz

Plant Hub came in to the London pizza scene to disrupt everything we thought we knew about pizza. They offer up gluten-free, vegan pizza pies and Italian food and work hard to make every aspect of their business as sustainable as possible. Sounds like they’ll be offering up some health food option for their special meal, right? Not at all. If you grab one of their Hazelnut & Chocolate Calzones you’ll also be ensuring that Made In Hackney receives another donated meal.

En Root (Ascot Parade, Clapham)

Clapham’s En Root are going all in for the promotion, offering up two special dishes: a Five Bean & Pepper Stew and Sweet Dosa Pancakes with Glazed Bananas. Famous for their fresh, wholesome, Indian-inspired vegan food, they’re all about plant powered goodness. Be sure to find an excuse to try out, or buy a bottle of, their famous Raja Bonnet Sauce while you’re there.

There’s no additional cost to the meal itself, and no hidden surprise when the bill comes. If you eat the chosen dish at the above restaurants, a meal will be donated to Made In Hackney. The specials will be running throughout July, so get down quick to take advantage of tasty dishes that will also make you feel good. You know, just in case you needed one more excuse to eat out. You might as well hit up all the restaurants and try out all the specials, right?