8 Delicious Polish Restaurants In London to Try

Polish food is having a moment. Long associated with hearty yet simple fare, the cuisine is now being appreciated for its sophistication and subtle flavours. So, if you’re looking for a delicious and authentic Polish meal, look no further than this compilation of the best Polish restaurants in London. Serving everything from pierogi to bigos, and traditional favourites to modern twists, these restaurants will make you feel like you’re right in Poland. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or something more formal, we’ve got you covered.

1. Mikrus

Mikrus is one of the best Polish restaurants in London serving traditional cuisine. When it comes to finding a fun place to hang out, you can’t go wrong here. Known for its live music, great food and an amazing atmosphere, then Mikrus is one of the best spots in town for a night out.

The menu here features a wide variety of Polish dishes, including pierogi (dumplings), bigos (stew) and kotlet schabowy (breaded pork chop), and the chicken liver dish comes up top trumps we say. While savouring the wonderful, authentic food, soak up the great atmosphere with live music from a DJ that knows how to play perfect tunes.

You’ll find Mikrus at 264 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 1HS. Nearest station is Streatham. 

2. Folk House Zakopane

The atmosphere in this small dining room is one that’s both cosy and inviting, making it the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and family. The plethora of curious items on display from traditional Polish folk culture makes for a really interesting experience, and gives visitors a real glimpse into the unique culture of Poland.

The menu at this restaurant is extensive and covers all your favourite Polish dishes from hearty soups to delicious goulash, and from dumplings to meaty options. The oscypek (a smoked cheese made from salted sheep milk) is very popular among diners. Try the meat-sharing platter of black pudding, bacon, sausages and escalope steak wrapped in cabbage leaves dipped into piping hot oil. The taste transports you straight to the Tatra Mountains!

You’ll find Folk House Zakopane at 77 Westbury Ave, London, N22 6SA. Nearest station is Turnpike Lane. 

3. Pause Coffee

A lovely chicken Kyiv served at Pause Coffee, one of the best Polish restaurants in London
Photo: @shutterstock

If you’re a fan of Polish cuisine, then this café-come-restaurant is well worth a visit. It’s just a few minutes’ walk from Seven Sisters station, and is incredibly popular.

It’s easy to see why – the chicken Kyiv is amazing, and so too are the potato pancakes with Hungarian sauce (a white-wine reduction with sautéed onions and paprika). Combined, they make for an incredible meal that you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a hearty meal, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking at this café.

As well as having delicious grub, it’s also reasonably priced. So, if you’re looking for a great meal that won’t break the bank, then this is definitely the place to be.

You’ll find Pause Coffee at 711 Seven Sisters Road, London, N15 5JT. Nearest station is Seven Sisters. 

4. Mamuśka! Polish Kitchen And Bar

Just a few steps from Waterloo station is Mamuśka! Polish Kitchen And Bar. It’s one of the best Polish restaurants in London to enjoy classic comfort food such as pierogi and placki – and, of course, don’t forget the vodka! Whether you prefer it neat or in a delicious cocktail, one thing’s for sure: it’s the authentic liquid accompaniment to your meal.

One of the most popular items on the menu is the pierogi, characterised by its savoury filling and fluffy dough. This place also has an amazing salad bar – definitely one of the best in the city we say. They have a great selection of sauerkraut, pickles, olives, and so many other delicious toppings that really add some zing to the salads. Whether you’re in the mood for a light snack or a full-course meal, this is one of the best spots.

You’ll find Mamuśka! Polish Kitchen And Bar at 9 Addington Street, London, SE1 7RY. Nearest station is Waterloo.

5. Daquise

This is a lovely place to go if you’re Polish and miss home. If you aren’t but just want to try something new and eat in a beautiful environment, Daquise is the place to be. It’s another of the best Polish restaurants in London – and the oldest we might add – and is located right in the heart of Kensington, just a short walk from the tube. It serves some of the best Polish food in London with a French and Italian spin – modern food for modern people!

The menu here has been whetting appetites for decades. Over the years, Christine Keeler and Yevgeni Ivanov (the Soviet spy she dallied with), and Edward Raczynski – the exiled president of Poland who made the restaurant his unofficial headquarters – have stopped by for main courses. Speaking of main courses, the pork tenderloins doused in a honey and mustard sauce are definitely worth trying. Make sure you wash them down with herbal vodka – an authentically Polish drink to sip during your meal.

You’ll find Daquise at 20 Thurloe Street, South Kensington, London, SW7 2LT. Nearest station is South Kensington. 

6. Lowiczanka Restaurant

If you’re looking for something delicious that really helps sum up Polish cuisine, then you really should try the pork escalope at the Lowiczanka Restaurant in Ravenscourt Park. It’s a popular dish, and for good reason – the pork is perfectly cooked and incredibly juicy. The duck preparation is also fantastic – it’s served with a savoury sauce that really brings out the flavour of the meat.

Even better? On weekends, the menu here is cheaper than usual – so you get real bang for your buck. Plus, as well as being tasty, the servings are generous here, so you really won’t go hungry. They’ve also even got a regular music-come-dance show here. From the lively polka to the smooth tarantella, there’s a dance for everyone to enjoy, and the music is created by some of the best folk musicians in the area and sung by voices that will transport you to another time and place. So – if you’re looking for a night of fun and entertainment, this is the place to be!

You’ll find Lowiczanka Polish Centre Restaurant at 238-246 King Street, London, W6 0RF. Nearest station is Ravenscourt Park. 

7. Miód Malina

This is a good place to stop if you’re looking for a place to eat near either Acton Main Line or North Acton station, as it’s just a stone’s throw away. We can recommend the pork trotters and Polish dumplings as being first class, and the smoked cheese is worth a try too – it’s absolutely bloody delicious!

Customer satisfaction is the top priority here. Miód Malina is in the Michelin Guide as a restaurant that specialises in authentic Polish cuisine. So what exactly is unique about this place then? Well, it’s housed inside Stadnicki Palace, a former palace that was once owned by Poland’s king during World War II. They use local suppliers and have been serving up some great food since they opened in 2007, so you know that they’ve got their Polish cuisine down to a tee.

You’ll find Miód Malina at 315 Horn Lane, London, W3 0BU. Nearest station is Acton Main Line. 

8. Bar Polski

This bar is a hidden gem in the neighbourhood; it’s easy to miss. But those in the know come here for the great cocktails and atmosphere located just mere steps away from Holborn Underground Station. The atmosphere is awesome. The drinks are even better, so you can’t help but love the vibe here. And the cocktails? They’re next level.

A lot of young people can be seen here enjoying themselves, making the most of their night. The vodka here is fairly reasonable. Not only is it affordably priced, but the quality is impeccable. If you don’t like the neat ones, try the lemon and blackcurrant flavour – it’s not as intense and tastes bloody delicious.

On top of banging cocktails and other booze, Bar Polski offers inexpensive, delicious Polish finger foods and other classics like bigos (a hunter’s stew). You can definitely find something you’ll want to drink from the wide selection of vodkas available – or if beer is more up your street, then you’re in for a treat because these folks have whatever you need, including bottled brews imported straight from Poland or draught beers brought right here onto English soil.

You’ll find Bar Polski at 6 Little Turnstile, London, WC1V 7DX. Nearest station is Holborn.

So there you have it – that’s our comprehensive list of some of the best Polish restaurants in London, so take your pick from our recommendations and enjoy every bit of the Polish culture!