Greggs And Primark Are At It Again With Their Second Pastry-Themed Fashion Collection

Greggs and Primark are at it again. Following on from the success of their first collaboration in February, the two brands are teaming up again for what is sure to be a repeat of the original drop’s sell-out success. The February collection saw the Greggs logo and name plastered all over comfy loungewear. But the new line looks to festival season for inspiration. To gear up the UK’s festival-goers, the collection includes 21 pieces ranging from footwear to jerseys to bucket hats and more.

People sporting some of the new clothing from the new Greggs and Primark collaboration
Credit: Greggs x Primark

Now, Greggs are far from the first food brand to release some kind of merch, let alone clothing. But they’re doing more than just slapping a logo on a t-shirt and calling it a day. Greggs and Primark are going all out with this collection, with a whole host of items you didn’t even realize you needed. Among the stand-out pieces are the Greggs basketball jersey, the cycling shorts, the all-over logo bodysuit, and the “Flakes included” graphic tee. And, of course, we’re overjoyed at the return of the bucket hats and the sausage roll underpants. Be ready to see the Greggs bumbag absolutely everywhere soon, too.

The collection will go on sale in Primark stores nationwide from August 5, but they’ll be touring the country with their ‘Snackfest’ bus ahead of the launch. Stopping off in five UK cities (but NOT LONDON! Gasp! Horror!) the ‘Snackfest’ bus brings with it a limited pre-release sale and a mini festival experience. Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Newcastle are on the agenda – and each stop promises special guest appearances.

Now can someone please explain to us when Greggs started leading the fashion revolution? Were sausage rolls and steak bakes not enough for them?!