Virgin River’s Martin Henderson says season five is the best one yet

Creatively, I find it really exciting, but psychologically it’s a bit scary. No one really likes touching on that stuff in their own life, right? We’re all really, really good at avoiding the darker, more painful emotions. As an actor, it’s your job, but there’s a fear of it not working, or of not being able to get there emotionally. 

That’s when you bring Hendo out.

No, no, no. Hendo is the one that always gets there. Oh yeah, that’s Hendo. I wish I was Hendo all the time, but I’m not. [Laughs]

We’ve got to talk about that ending. Alex said the original plan was that Mel’s unborn baby was going to be Mark’s biological child. What did you think?

I think I made the assumption that it will be Jack’s. And as we went on, we got wind that actually, no, they were going to make that baby Mark’s. I didn’t love that idea personally, either. But look, I think as a writer you’ve got to walk this tight rope between giving the fans what they want, because that’s what they’re there for. They’re there for the love and they’re there for the romance and the beautiful scenery. You have certain things that you have to deliver to meet their expectations, but good writing is also about thwarting those expectations. It’s about the shock value and the surprise and the hooks and the cliffhangers and all that.

As a romantic myself and what I feel the DNA of the show is at the centre, this a really, really strong romance. It felt that for it to not be their child was… I just felt that was a bummer. I felt like these guys deserved some celebration. They deserved something that was sacred for them, that they could cherish, that they could really celebrate together as a happy couple.

It’s a drama. There’ll be all sorts of unhappy moments. I was really relieved when they pivoted and made it Jack’s baby. And then, from my understanding, that’s what precipitated the decision to make the twins not Jack’s. Because it was like, he’s just going to have babies, babies everywhere, then. So, we’ll give him Mel’s baby, but Charmaine’s babies are not his. And now I guess big question is: Whose babies are they?

First of all, how could Charmaine do this? That’s so evil.

You’re going to find out in season five.