10 Fantastic Georgian Restaurants in London That You Simply Must Visit

Georgian cuisine is delicious, and why wouldn’t it be? It takes influences from the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Turkey to create unique dishes that make your mouth water. If you love bread, cheese, and pastry, you have to check out the best Georgian restaurants in London and experience the delightful flavours from the far-off land. From khinkali (the national dish of Georgia) to mtsvadi, churchkhela, khachapuri, and much more, indulge in rich Georgian cuisine right here in London!

1. Iberia Restaurant

Iberia Restaurant boasts a menu with Georgian and Eastern European cuisine, and certainly deserves its spot on this roundup of the best Georgian restaurants in London. The restaurant itself gets its name from the eastern Georgian region, also known as Caucasian Iberia, and they serve authentic flavours and large-sized portions along with a lovely collection of wine too.

It’s a sweet little place with a wonderful ambience and a perfect choice for dining with your loved ones. The tables are laid beautifully, and the khachapuri (cheesy bread) and khinkali (dumplings) are a must-try when you’re here. What’s more, it is vegetarian-friendly, too.

You’ll find Iberia Restaurant at 294-296 Caledonian Road, London, N1 1BA. Nearest station is Caledonian Road and Barnsbury. 

2. Little Georgia Islington

Little Georgia Islington offers a combination of traditional, Georgian hospitality with a stylish interior that makes the restaurant a lovely cosy place for an evening of excellent food. This restaurant also offers multiple vegetarian and vegan options, so that’s a definite plus too.

The informal restaurant offers a range of special qvevri red and white wines, with an additional collection of organic wines and chacha made using traditional methods. The staff are also super kind and welcoming, so you know that you’re in good hands when you’re wining and dining here.

You’ll find Little Georgia Islington at 14 Barnsbury Road, London, N1 0HB. Nearest station is Angel. 

3. Samaia Georgian Restaurant

Samaia Georgian Restaurant serves fresh and delicious Georgian cuisine. The atmosphere is remarkable here – stylish yet very comfortable, with music really adding to the ambience. Go for a solo meal, family dining, or a small party with your friends – whatever you’re looking for, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find it here.

You’ll want to come back here time and time again – especially to savour their delectable khachapuri. It’s pretty darn mouthwatering! Take a look at the wine collection while you’re there too – it’s pretty extensive so you’re sure to be find something that suits.

You’ll discover Samaia Georgian Restaurant at 195 Castelnau, London, SW13 9ER. Nearest station is Hammersmith.

4. Mimino Georgian Restaurant

Mimino Georgian Restaurant is a must-visit if you like to take time and linger over a hearty meal which has ample servings. Enjoy the tasty khinkali and the varied flavours of khachapuri – they’ve also got several vegetarian options too.

Inside is rustic and has an old-world charm that really resembles the Georgian countryside. It really suits the location (the restaurant is in a basement) and the delightful food that they serve.

You’ll find Mimino Georgian Restaurant at 44 Blythe Road, London, W8 6BA. Nearest station is High Street Kensington. 

5. Geamos

Geamos is famous for its fair pricing, atmosphere, and very friendly staff. You can’t miss the traditionally-made wine here or the desserts like the delectable Georgian chitedze (honey cakes glazed with chocolate). Check out their white wine and the tarragon and pear-flavoured lemonades too.

If you want more than khinkali meat dumplings, make sure you try the ‘jarkoe tamada special’. The assorted pkhali (cooked veggies with walnut and authentic Georgian seasoning) is another standout on the menu in one of the loveliest Georgian restaurants in London.

Locate Geamos at 122 Boundary Road, London, NW8 0RH. Nearest stations are Kilburn High Road and South Hampstead. 

6. The Georgian

The Georgian serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, making it a convenient place to visit at any time of the day. The ‘ajapuri khachapuri’ (cheese bread with egg yolk in the middle) is super yummy in this restaurant, and the honey cakes are just as good to boot too.

With friendly staff and vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options on the menu, this is a great spot to come to find Georgian food in London Town.

You’ll find The Georgian at 27 Balham Hill, Clapham South, London, SW12 9DX. Nearest station is Clapham South.

7. Tbilisi Restaurant

Tbilisi Restaurant and authentic Georgian cuisine go hand in hand. Whether it is the beetroot puree (steamed beetroot with walnuts, garlic and spices), satsivi (chicken in delicate walnut sauce served with rice and cornflower puree), or the vegetarian dishes (aubergines, beetroot soup, red kidney beans) – there’s something for everyone at Tbilisi restaurant.

The ‘saperavi qvevri’ red wine is fruity and highly recommended in this restaurant, or go for ‘rkatsiteli qvevri’ if you’re more into white wine. Even better yet? The pricing is also cost-effective and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

You’ll discover the Tbilisi Restaurant at 91 Holloway Road, London, N7 8LT. Nearest station is Highbury and Islington. 

8. Georgian Sisters

Georgian Sisters is an affordable restaurant with authentic Georgian cuisine just down the road from East Putney tube stop. The taste and quality of the dishes are first-rate, and something you’ll be sure to remember for a long time. The homemade staple cheese bread, khachapuri, is real comfort food and is well worth trying.

Georgian Sisters has vegetarian options and serves food in considerable portions. The welcoming aura, accommodating staff, and regular live music make it a lovely place to dine solo or with your loved ones and mates too.

You’ll find Georgian Sisters at 40 Upper Richmond Road, London, SW15 2RX. Nearest station is East Putney.

9. Shoty

Shoty is known for its secluded dining experience, pricing, and, of course, tasty food. If you want to feel like you’re in Georgia with some local live music playing as wine and dine, then this is the place to go. There are some incredibly-tasty options on the menu, with plenty of veggie dishes too.

The staff are super courteous here and will take care of special food requests – just inform them about your allergens, and they’ll help you with the rest. The kotnis lobio (cooked kidney beans in a clay pot) is amazing, and don’t forget to check out the Georgian barbecue offerings too.

You’ll find Shoty at 30 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3DL. Nearest station is South Kensington. 

10. Kartuli – Georgian Cuisine and Wine

Kartuli is a Georgian wine shop and restaurant with an extensive range of wines, with over 8,000 years of winemaking history. The building and its interior are a real treat for the eyes, and the food comes in good portions – you can take the leftovers home too.

Kartuli is truly customer-centric. It has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options on the menu, each of them carefully marked. The dishes with nuts and dairy products are also marked. You can inform the staff about your allergies before ordering. It’s also a dog-friendly restaurant, so your four-legged friend won’t have to be left out of all the foodie fun.

You’ll find Kartuli at 65 Lordship Lane, London, SE22 8EP. Nearest station is East Dulwich. 

Dine at the 10 best Georgian restaurants in London and taste the flavours of the Caucasus right in your city. Why wait to enjoy Georgian cuisine when you can find it where you live?