A Dazzling Exhibition Dedicated To Klimt Has Now Opened

Gustav Klimt’s artworks are known to capture love, femininity and glamour in a distinctive striking style: abstract strokes and sparkling gold. And from July 25, these masterpieces will capture your imagination as they are celebrated on a huge scale. Klimt: The Immersive Exhibition opens its doors to the public in London for the first time, bringing to life these artworks in a brand-new way.

The Boiler House at Brick Lane’s Truman Brewery will positively dazzle with floor-to-ceiling projections and virtual reality replicas of Klimt’s work, transporting guests from 2022 East London to early 1900s Vienna. The famed Kiss, The Tree of Life, and Judith and the Head of Holofernes are just some of the works that are getting the 360-degree treatment, enabling you to get a closer look at every brushstroke and see the models in greater detail as Klimt himself would have seen them. Even the most staunch Klimt fans will discover elements for the first time.

the Klimt exhibition

Klimt: The Immersive Exhibition has previously appeared in cities such as Brussels, Barcelona and Miami; here in London, it will transform the space at The Boiler House. If you’re not familiar with the East End venue, let us get you up to speed. While the original architecture of the building – which was once London’s largest brewery – has largely been kept the same, the interior is now a thriving arts and events hub, with independent businesses, restaurants, bars, shops, markets and more.

Part multi-sensory, part-virtual reality, the immersive exhibition doesn’t only offer a look at the Austrian artist’s work, but you’ll be able to get an exclusive insight into what a day in his life was like too, using VR glasses. There are also separate galleries that chronicle his life and influences.

Klimt the immersive exhibition

With doors open and tickets on sale, save yourself the hassle of last-minute planning, and book your ticket today. If you opt for a VIP ticket, you’ll even be able to skip the queues, get free entry to the VR experience, and even walk away with a memento of your visit…

Klimt: The Immersive Experience

From £11.50