25 Brilliant Birthday Ideas In London For You To Celebrate Your Special Day

Whether you’re in denial about hitting that dirty thirty or elated about finally turning the big two-one, we’ve compiled a list of all the hottest things happening in the city, to help you celebrate your birthday. From massages to master classes, cocktails to the very best cuisine, welcome to the holy grail of many happy returns. Here’s a rundown of some of the best birthday ideas in London: 

🥂 Brunch

A true cornerstone in millennials’ lives nowadays, the weekend is rarely complete without a generous serving of Eggs Benedict and a spicy Bloody Mary. If you, like most people, are truly a loyal lover of brunch, then here are the best places to head on your big day.

1. Drag your friends to brunch

A drag queen performing to some audience members at Salsa! Temple, one of the best birthday ideas in London
Photo: @barsalsatemple

Bring it, queens and get ready to get the engines started! Every month, Salsa in Temple is the destination for the No.1 drag-day-out, presented by some of London’s leading drag queens Cara Melle, Kiki Snatch, Honey The Foxx and guest queens too. Together, they deliver their gag-worthy immersive performances & fierce lip syncs for your Saturday afternoon pleasure. Oh – and did we mention that you get bottomless bubbles here too? Cheers! You can grab your tickets here.

 2. Get even more boozy at another bottomless brunch

People enjoying themselves at the bottomless brunch in Bar Elba
Photo: @bar_elba

Considering it’s your birthday, you can get completely sloshed pre 1pm and absolutely nobody can bat an eyelid – definitely a strong contender for being one of the best birthday ideas in London we say! Here to help you do just that is our whacking great list of the booziest brunches to be found in the capital. Enjoy getting your drink on!

3. Enjoy something different with a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese flavours

A woman in carnival style headress and outfit dances with sparklers
Photo: @ayllulondon

It may be the recent royal appearance of our favourite Peruvian bear, a niggling craving for some delicious sushi or simply a desire to catch up with friends over a boozy meal, whatever the case Ayllu’s Peruvian and Japanese brunch is the answer to all your brunch daydreams. You can enjoy 90-minutes of free-flowing bevvies, live samba and, of course, some mouthwatering dishes from both Peru and Japan. Taking place every Saturday from 12-4pm this is the perfect way to celebrate your birthday in real style. Cop your tickets here.

🍹 Cocktails

If knocking back a few fruity numbers and getting the perfect boomerang for your story are top priorities for your big day, step this way because we know where to find all of the best cocktails in the city. Go on, treat yourself. It is your birthday after all!

4. BYO cocktails and get immersed into the world of the Moonshine Saloon

Some cocktails which have been made at the immersive Moonshine Saloon in East London
Photo: @moonshinesaloon

Looking for something unique to do for your birthday in London? Look no further than a trip to the Moonshine Saloon. Come and discover the covert liquor operation led by the self-styled ‘King of the Moonshiners;, Clyde Cassidy. A world-class team of barkeeps will combine your illegally smuggled (BYOB) liquor to make bespoke cocktails for you and the gang. With the law previously coming close to catching Cassidy, the Saloon itself makes the perfect meet-point for new outlaws to join the gang. You’ll try your luck at cards or dice games or perhaps be trusted enough to receive a close-up inspection of Cassidy’s notorious Moonshine Distillery… cop your tickets here.

5. Get your sweet fix at London’s Chocolate Cocktail Club

A delicious cocktail drizzled in chocolate at London's Chocolate Cocktail Club
Photo: @thechocolatecocktailclub

Chocoholics – listen up! Nestled right in the heart of Farringdon, you’ll find The Chocolate Cocktail Club – a neat little spot that has verything from chocolate twists on classic cocktails to chocolate with creamy and caramel-filled supplementary flavours. You’ll be able to enjoy 90 minutes’ worth of chocolate heaven here, and can given in to the diverse delights of chocolate espresso martinis and aptly-named ‘chocotinis’. What more could you ask for from a birthday venue in London, hey?! Grab your tickets here.

6. Head to a lovely library bar

The warm and cosy interior and roaring fire of Scarfes Bar in Holborn, London
Photo: @scarfesbar

If you fancy something cosy and a little bit sophisticated for your birthday in London, then why not head to one of London’s rather lovely library bars? Luxurious, warm and endlessly inviting these places are perfect if you’re hoping to have a quiet one and just curl up with a glass of something delicious. Alternatively, head to one of the capital’s whisky bars for a nightcap or two.

🎶 Entertainment

If you’re looking for something to really help mark your birthday in London, then we’ve got you covered — entertainment is a strong point of ours.

7. Have a laugh on the Thames

The Tattershall Castle docked up in front of Big Ben – one of the best birthday ideas in London
Photo: @thetattershallcastle

If you’re looking for a laff or two on your birthday then you need to get yourself down to the Comedy on the Thames. With some seriously impressive comic talent on offer week on week, we can promise you a whole load of belly aches and beautiful riverside views on this comedy cruise. Book your tickets here.

8. Get on down to the Mulan Rouge

Actors performing at the cabaret dinner Mulan Rouge in The Vaults in Waterloo, South London
Photo: @thevaultslondon

“Hey sister, go sister – better get that dough sister”… you know the rest. The neon-drenched world of Moulin Rouge and battle-worn adventures of Mulan collide at the sensational Mulan Rouge Cabaret Dinner – a strong contender for being one of the best birthday ideas in London you could possibly have. From the beautiful mind of ShayShay, these iconic stories have been intertwined to deliver immersive nights, full of comedy, cabaret and cocktails too. You’ll be sure to fall under its spell, as fabulous drag performers and burlesque dancers put on a spectacular show to remember.  Who said you can’t have a little fun on your way to defeat The Huns? Book your tickets here.

9. Celebrate by seeing one of your favourite bands or singers 

An artist singing in front of a stage at a London gig, one of the best birthday ideas in London
Photo: @shutterstock

Whether you’re keen for a classical candlelit concert or hearing the heroes of Hip Hop, our massive, monthly gig guide has you covered. Spend your birthday singing your heart out and watching some of the very best in the business. So, see who’s playing on your special day and get ready to get your sing-a-long on!

🚂 Travel

Ok, so we know this is an article about birthday ideas in London, but sometimes, you may actually just want to hot-foot it outta town – right?! For those of you who have caught the travelling bug and never quite managed to recover, here are some suggestions for your birthday celebrations.

10. Head to the seaside for a breezy birthday getaway 

A boat on Dungeness Beach at sunset in Kent, England
Photo: @shutterstock

Looking for a sunny getaway for your birthday, but can’t afford the flight to Greece, Italy or Spain? Beach, please! There are plenty of stunning beaches within two hours of London – and further afield too – and we think why the hell not make the most of that? So grab your flip flops and sunnies for a day trip to one of these beauties. If the sun is shining – don’t forget to slap on the suncream!

11. Slink off to Sweden for a birthday treat

The Northern Lights flickering over the Artic Bath Hotel in Northern Sweden
Photo: @arcticbath_sweden

If meatballs alone aren’t enough to entice you to Sweden for your big bday bash, then how about this gorgeous floating spa hotel? Sitting under the Northern Lights and providing guests with a ridiculously indulgent experience, we wouldn’t exactly say this is ‘getting back to nature.‘ But what the heck, it’s your birthday — might as well treat yourself!

12. Pop off to a picture-perfect village

A lovely cobbled street and old houses in Rye, one of the most picturesque villages near London
Photo: @shutterstock

These picturesque villages may seem like they’ve been snatched from the very books of a fairytale, but they’re actually much closer to London than you might think. Less than two hours away, you can have a leisurely bday lie in and still get there in time for a celebratory lunch! Now you can’t argue with that one…

Some strong contenders for the best birthday ideas in London here. Some people like to go all out, and their birthday is an excuse to do just that. If you’re hoping for the biggest and the best, the bizarre and the brilliant, then you’ve come to the right place.

13. Head into the ‘Upside Down’ with ‘Stranger Things: The Experience’

People mil about in stranger things style setting for Stranger Things: The Immersive Experience

Keep an eye out for flickering lights, distorted walls and strange creeping tendrils this Summer. A portal into 1985 Hawkins will be opening at Troubadour Brent Cross Studios in London and you can now get tickets for the immersive adventure. ‘Stranger Things: The Experience’ invites fans of the show to pull up their retro sports socks, steel their nerves and step through the screen to become part of the supernatural story. You’ll encounter fan-favourite characters, explore iconic sets, uncover hidden secrets and even tuck into some totally tubular themed food and drink. What better place for a birthday venue in London hey?! You can grab your tickets here.

14. Work your brain at one of London’s most puzzling escape rooms

People enjoying a challenging escape room in London
Photo: @shutterstock

If you love nothing more than to train your brain, then we are gifting you with a range of rather tricky escape rooms for your birthday. Try your hand at solving murder mysteries, escaping psycho-killers, unlocking the secrets of the Churchill War Rooms or casting spells, and find out if you really do get wiser with age. Choose from our favourites here.

15. Experience the bar behind bars

A lady enjoying a drink in the prison-themed bar Alcotraz in London
Photo: @alcotraz

If you’re known for getting into trouble on your birthday, then Alcotraz might be the place for you. This theatrical prison-themed cocktail bar has everything from the orange jumpsuits to the real metallic cells. Smuggle liquor past the guards to create your birthday concoction and tell your friends you spent your birthday behind bars. And why the hell not? You can get your tickets here.

Considering birthdays are basically all about cake anyway, afternoon tea seems like a very appropriate choice when it comes to finding the perfect way to celebrate in the city – and good reason for adding it to this roundup of the best birthday ideas in London we say.

16. Channel your inner JLO at a ‘Maid in Manhattan’ afternoon tea

A cosmopolitan from the Made in Manhattan-themed afternoon tea, one of the best birthday ideas in London
Photo: @duoshoreditch

Another fantastic idea for celebrating your birthday in London here. Follow in the footsteps of JLO herself with this afternoon tea, which includes a selection of unlimited teas, an array of sweet treats – including lime drizzle cakes and rich, chocolate brownies – and smoked salmon or egg and cress sarnies for veggies. Much like Jenny from the Block herself would no doubt do, you’ll also get to indulge in a classic Big Apple-themed cocktail – that is a cosmo or a lychee martini. Afternoon teas don’t get much better than this… Get a hold of your tickets here.

17. Get your LiLo and co. on at a ‘Mean Girls’ afternoon tea

Cakes, burn books and more at the Mean Girls afternoon tea
Photo: @duolondon

Sandwiches for you, cakes for me, and none for Gretchen Wieners, bye. An utterly fetch, all-pink tribute to the eminently quotable film, you can expect cakes, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and cookies, all furnished with an appropriately kitsch name. There’s even a Burn Book for you to air your grievances in – perhaps starting with the fact that it’s taken you this long to find a Mean Girls afternoon tea… Get involved here.

🎨 Masterclasses

For both the talented and the utterly useless, here are a load of amazing activities to try. See if you can master a skill on your special day!

18. Create a masterpiece – or try 

People painting at a painting class in Clapham North

Even if you failed GCSE Art, this class is an opportunity to embrace your creative side and frankly have total laugh. Take your pals, get stuck in, and probably receive a bunch of really bad paintings – inspired by none other than Van Gogh – as birthday gifts. Book here.

19. Master the art of doughnut making

A selection of delicious donuts which have been made at The Avenue Cookery School
Photo: @avenuecookery

I mean, really, what better way to celebrate your birthday than with all you can eat doughnuts? In this two hour hands-on class, you will be making your very own miniature doughnuts and be able to munch as many as you like in the process. Sounds pretty jammy to us. You can get your hands on some tickets here. 

20. Become a dab hand in the kitchen and whip up some Mexican food

A Mexican street food cooking class, one of the best things to do alone in London
Photo: @avenuecookery

What could be better than cooking up some delicious Mexican cuisine and drinking bottomless wine for your birthday? Another cooking class at the acclaimed Avenue Cookery School, this the perfect way for you to enjoy both. In this class, you’ll get to make some of the best ever fish tacos, all the while learning various tips on how to easily cook up a variety of other authentic dishes and street food too. You’ll get hands-on experience in the kitchen while learning tips from experienced chefs. You can book onto the course here.

🤪 Thrilling Experiences

Because, quite frankly, it’s your birthday and why the hell not up the ante?

21. Scream to your heart’s content aboard a rollercoaster

Colossus at Thorpe Park, one of the best theme parks near London and best birthday ideas in London
Photo: @shutterstock

London is a pretty thrilling place to live already, but if you want even more thrills and spills for a birthday experience in London, then you’re in luck! From towering roller coasters and horror-themed mazes to beachside merry-go-rounds, we’re not exactly short of choice with our selection of theme parks near the city. Strap yourself in!

22. Climb your way to the top of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 

People climbing The Dare Skywalk, one of the best stag do ideas in London
Photo: @spursofficial

If you’re looking for something memorable for your birthday, then look no further than this one. Called ‘The Dare Skywalk’ – yep, really – it gives you the chance to climb to the top of the world-famous Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and enjoy panoramic views of the capital as well as the stadium bowl below. You’ll get to see many of London’s signature sights – including The Shard and the Sky Garden – and will also be able to survey the footie pitch 46.8 metres below you. Not adrenaline-fuelled enough for you? Why not add on ‘The Edge’ – a thrilling abseil backwards (or forwards!) down to terra firma below. Now that’s something you ain’t gonna forget in a hurry… Cop your tickets here. 

23. Charter your own boat down the waterways of London Town

A group of friends wave from a GoBoat on a voyage around Canary Wharf.
Photo: @goboatldn

Ahoy there matey! This next addition to this roundup of birthday ideas in London will have you raising anchor and setting sail aboard your own private boat down some of London’s most famous waterways. Each GoBoat seats up to eight people, and the best part of all is that you can bring your own picnic with you, so pack as many beers and G&T tinnies as you can carry! Opt to sail down the Regent’s Canal from Paddington (alas this one is alcohol-free), through leafy Kingston, or past the impressive skyscrapers of Canary Wharf. Anchors away!

🍴 Dinner

If you’re a bit of a foodie and, to you, nothing says celebrating like a plate of really good grub, then we are coming in hard and fast with the answer to all of your birthday party planning prayers.

24. Go big or go dome!

Domes at the DoubleTree by Hilton in London, England, one of the best birthday ideas in London
Photo: @doubletree

Get cosy in one of London’s secret gardens and celebrate your birthday wining and dining in the comfort of your very own dome. Offering the ultimate atmospheric space, a great place to entertain and plenty of delicious food, they’re ideal for a birthday bash! Book here.

25. Hit up one of London’s top rooftop restaurants

The rooftop view from the Wagtail rooftop restaurant with views over the Shard
Credit: Justin De Souza

Our beloved capital has one of the most recognisable skylines anywhere on the planet, and there’s nowhere better to view it than from one of our esteemed culinary icons which are all high in the sky. New ones are popping up all the time, and there’s no better way to celebrate your birthday in London than by raising a toast or two while you gaze out at the cityscape below. We’ll cheers to that!