‘Discover Ukraine: Bits Destroyed’ Is Preserving Ukraine’s Cultural Legacy By Recreating Destroyed Mosaics

This August, the Old Royal Naval College is giving visitors the chance to ‘Discover Ukraine’ with a show that brings now-ruined Ukrainian art back to life. Kyiv-based photographer Yevgen Nikiforov and a Ukrainian creative team have collaborated to put together a sensory spectacle centred on Ukraine’s rich cultural history of mosaics. ‘Discover Ukraine: Bits Destroyed‘ pays homage to the history of Ukraine, and the loss the country is experiencing.

The Old Royal Naval College, the site of  Discover Ukraine: Bits Destroyed
Credit: James Brittain

Public mosaics are a deeply-rooted Ukrainian tradition. Since the Russian invasion, many of these historic works have been destroyed and lost to the violence. ‘Discover Ukraine: Bits Destroyed’ is a digital artwork that projects monumental mosaics onto the walls of the Old Royal Naval College. In doing so, they recreate the original majesty of these mosaics. The work originally dates back to 2019, as a reflection on the Ukrainian mosaic tradition. But the new showing finds it reimagined in the wake of the destruction of so much of Ukraine and Ukrainian art.

‘Discover Ukraine: Bits Destroyed’ remembers and celebrates Ukraine’s cultural legacy. The digital projections take over the building, but they are also fleeting. The mosaics are not etched into the walls, instead they are simply overlaid. The work celebrates the tradition while also acknowledging the cultural history that has been lost. It’s a moving and affirming show that is not to be missed.

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The show will run August 26-29, at 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00pm each night. The duration of the show is 15 minutes. The show is free, but audience members are encouraged to show their support for artists in Ukraine by donating.