Plan A Family Day Out With These Fun-Filled Activities At Westfield

The summer holiday excitement is well and truly setting in, but finding a family activity that satisfies everyone can be pretty challenging. Luckily, Westfield London (Shepherd’s Bush)and Westfield Stratford City have a fantastic array of immersive discovery activities to keep the kids entertained all summer long.

Leon westfield breakfast box

Start the day right with a Leon Breakfast

When you’ve got kids in tow, ease and speed are paramount. And with plenty of delicious, healthy breakfast options to choose from, a pit-stop at Leon at Westfield London (Shepherd Bush) is guaranteed to get your day off to a great start. Tuck into a warming banana and cinnamon porridge, munch on a sourdough breakfast muffin or opt for the Big Breakfast Box.

Kidzana BA at westfield

Step into someone else’s shoes at KidZania

Let the kids discover their potential through a fun range of roleplays at KidZania, the interactive indoor city. They’ll get into character and explore an exciting range of career paths, from Medical Services and Firefighting to Publishing and Radio DJing! Whatever it is they dream of doing when they grow up, a day of work, play, earning and learning is sure to get them inspired.

Dirty Vegan at westfield

Stop for a snack at Dirty Vegan

Take a well deserved time-out from all the action and treat yourselves to a sweet treat from Dirty Vegan. There are plenty of irresistible plant-based desserts to choose from, including Strawberry Cheezecake soft serve and vegan chocolate chip cookies. Or if you’re in need of something more substantial, grab a kids combo meal for just £7.

upside down house westfield

Get topsy-turvy in the Upside Down House

Shake things up and visit the Upside Down House, the wacky attraction where everything is not what it seems! Kids will be in awe as they walk on the ceiling whilst gazing up at the coffee table. You can also capture some great family memories throughout plenty of unique photo opportunities.

lego store westfield

Be immersed in the world of LEGO

If your kids are fanatical about LEGO, the LEGO stores in Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City are guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. Visit the Pick and Build Wall to choose bricks and elements in different shapes and colours, then watch LEGO sets come to life in the Digital Box!

kids at the cinema family activities atwestfield

Catch a family favourite at Vue Cinema

What better way to round off your jam-packed day of activities than settling in to watch a great film? Vue Cinema holds regular screenings of all the latest flicks, so you can factor in a family favourite whenever you’re at Westfield. And with Vue Mini Mornings, both adults and children pay £2.49 on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am, plus every day in the school holidays. So grab your popcorn and get involved!