A Peaky Blinders Feature Film Will Officially Begin Filming Next Year

When the final episode of Peaky Blinders season six came to a close the only thing that comforted me was the knowledge that a Peaky Blinders film would eventually be made. Screenwriter Steven Knight had promised it to fans before the final season was released, after all.

Now we can officially begin looking forward eagerly to a Peaky Blinders film as Knight has confirmed that they’ll start filming next year (and we’re holding him to it). This juicy nugget of news was revealed on Heart Breakfast when the award winning director was asked (probably for the millionth time) if a Peaky Blinders film was in the works.

He was only there to talk about the opening ceremony of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games but he ended up telling the audience that he’s nearly finished writing the script for the film. Plus, it’s set to be filmed in good old Digbeth, Birmingham, where it all started for the Shelby family.

Knight added: ‘there’s going to be some familiar faces and some new faces’. Revealing enough not to be frustrating, but enigmatic enough to keep us all guessing – typical Steven.  He also said that they were looking to ‘be shooting within 18 months’ and dropped hints that some kind of Peaky Blinders film event might take place ‘so that people can watch it together’. Yes, please!