London’s Art Deco Train Trips Return For The First Time Since 2019

The Metropolitan line is taking you on a journey back in time in a stylish old Tube train. Eight journeys will be made over September 3 and 4, from Amersham to Watford and from Amersham to Harrow-on-the-Hill, in a gorgeously restored Art Deco train. The heritage journeys will be the first time the train has been in use with customers onboard since 2019. It’s sure to be a welcome return for lovers of old and beautiful trains.

A picture from a previous journey for the Art Deco train
The train on a previous journey. Copyright London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum has organised the service to bring the history of the Tube to life. A rideable exhibition, in essence, the heritage train journeys are always a hit with young and old alike.

The late 1930’s Tube trains represented the ultimate meeting of modern technology with gorgeous design. Consisting of four cars, with their brilliant late 1930’s aesthetic (including Art Deco lighting fixtures), they were the first Tube trains with all the electrical equipment underneath the floor. Running on several Deep-Tube lines, they were in operation for half a century. And they’ve lovingly restored the Art Deco train you’ll get to ride, to reflect the height of its glory.

Said Sam Mullins OBE, Director for London Transport Museum:

I’m thrilled to have our much-loved 1938 Art Deco train back out on the Metropolitan line once more. We know families, transport enthusiasts and vintage fans really enjoy a day out on the moquette seats. A ride on this beautifully restored design classic train is a real step back in time to a golden age of commuting – make sure you don’t miss out!

Grab your ticket!

Now, you do need to buy your tickets in advance. There’s no rocking up and using your Oyster or tapping your card to get on this train! Be sure to head to the website to secure your ticket.