This Northern Company Is Now Hiring For A Paid Prosecco Taster – And I Think I’ve Found My Calling

Found yourself quite the talent in chugging wine – or more specifically, Prosecco – over the past three lockdowns? Your hard work is about to pay off. Announcing a brand new Prosecco Taster position last Friday to mark National Prosecco Day, House of Townend – a Yorkshire-based wine merchant – is on the hunt for a fizz lover, who’ll get the opportunity to knock back a good few bottles of Prosecco for free.

John Charles Townend, Managing Director at House of Townend, said: “We were inundated with applications last year as part of our celebrations for National Prosecco Day. This year, we thought it was only right to revive the competition, offering six bottles of prosecco and sparkling wine for the winning applicant to test.”

Responsible for sampling some of the finest Italian Proseccos, the lucky successful candidate will be required to test an array of bottles over a month-long period, with House of Townend not only providing the bottles free of charge. As with any job role, there are a range of requirements for any would-be tester, including a genuine passion for wine – of course – 50 bottles’ worth of lifetime wine-drinking experience, and the enviable ability to be unaffected by wine headaches (the last one isn’t so much a requirement as a recommendation to ensure optimum job performance…)

prosecco taster
Photo: Unsplash

The successful candidate will need to provide thorough feedback on the flavours, aromas and mouthfeel after trying the six chosen bottles. If that wasn’t all, they’ll also be involved in working with the innovation and customer service team, helping to improve the merchants current offering of sparkling wines.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Applications are open now until the end of August, and you can find out more here. The chosen applicant will be selected at random and announced on September 1, 2022.