The Doors To London’s Fascinating Open-World Adventure ‘Phantom Peak’ Are Now Open

London’s very own Venice of the West is officially open. Phantom Peak is a fully-realised steampunk mining town that has risen up from the ashes of a deliciously mysterious past. Now, they are welcoming curious outsiders through their doors in Canada Water for the first time, inviting you into an immersive world with rippling waterways, drool-inducing food stands and irresistibly fun carnival games. Not to mention a treasure trove of adventures to embark on, from hopping in a boat to taking a stroll around the lake. Grab your tickets now to be among the first in line to experience it for yourself.

Behind Phantom Peak’s giant wooden gates you’ll find a time-warping town brimming with possibilities and a hefty dash of mystery. Whether you fancy simply unwinding with a drink by the lake or embarking on an adventure that sends you down a rabbit hole of clues and scandalous secrets is entirely up to you.

This immersive open-world adventure is like nothing you’ll have encountered before, making you simultaneously feel like you have stumbled into another universe while still treating you to the familiar favourites you know and love. One moment you could be tucking into a juicy burger and washing it down with a refreshing cocktail, then the next you’ll be chatting with one of the quirky locals to find out more about the town’s murky past. There are numerous vegan and veggie food stalls to swing by when you get peckish, from South American cuisine to homemade pies, and plenty of idyllic spots to sit, eat and soak up the scenery. You don’t need to worry about waste either, Phantom Peak has taken eco-friendly steps with sustainable reusable trays, cups and cutlery.

If you need to satiate your thirst for adventure first, then you can get stuck in from the moment you enter. Follow along on your phone as you seek out answers and get helpful hints from the loose-lipped townsfolk, there’s much more to the history of this charming town than first meets the eye and once you pull at the loose thread you won’t be able to resist finding out more as it all unravels before you. Plus, if you really want to blend in with the locals, you could always dress up for the occasion – bust out your best steampunk-meets-western outfit or even grab a hat from Phantom Peak’s very own store.

Got a competitive side? There’s a variety of carnival games you can try your hand at; prepare your mind, practise your throw and work on those reflexes if you want to score big and then celebrate with a bevvie at the bar. This fun-filled world is the perfect chance to drink, dine and play all in the same place. Make sure you don’t miss out on tickets and grab yours now.

Phantom Peak: An Immersive Open-World Adventure

From £34.00