Ready for your next obsession? Meet all the new women starring in Netflix’s Selling the OC

If you binged all five seasons of Selling Sunset, we have some pretty exciting news: Netflix is about to release Selling The OC, a spin-off set in Orange County, California. 

The show will follow Jason and Brett Oppenheim as they set up a new branch of their legendary brokerage and will – hopefully – feature some cameos from the OG cast back in Los Angeles. 

The big news is that the new branch will have male estate agents, as well as women. It is the 21st century, after all. Confirming the news, the show’s creator Adam DiVello told Tudum,“It’s a cast of guys and girls, which is different,” adding, “The cast is just wild, right from the jump; they don’t hold back. They don’t have any filters. They say what they’re thinking. And it’s a very drama-filled season.”

Sounds good to us! However, before we get to the blokes, we thought we’d have a nosey at all the new female cast members joining Selling The OC. Basically, we’re looking for the next Christine Quinn (JK, she’s irreplaceable): 

Alexandra Hall 

Alexandra “Alex” Hall is “living in heaven selling the OC,” according to her Instagram bio. The agent has a background in interior design, which we can only imagine helps her pull in those big bucks with her staging skills when selling houses. 

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Kayla Cardona 

Kayla Cardona is originally from Orange County and she’s determined to close big deals this season – but, I mean, what’s new? According to her profile on the Oppenheim website, she started working with the highest-rated team on Zillow before becoming an award-winning agent in the top 1% of her company. Impressive stats, right? 

When she’s not sharing her latest listings on social media, she’s posting photos of her workouts, friends, and 15-year-old son Jordan.