Step Into The Game With A Ground-Breaking New Immersive Experience • Sandbox VR

Ever wanted to step into your favourite video game world? Stroll onto the stage of the Unbound Fighting League or roam the Star Trek universe? Perhaps you’ve always wanted to see how well you’d fare in a zombie apocalypse, or as a swashbuckling adventurer? Well Sandbox VR is here with the answer to all your dreams.

The newly-opened (July 28), Sandbox VR has brought the latest evolution in immersive gaming and socializing to London. A welcome addition to the entertainment and social scene, Sandbox VR is changing what it looks like to game with friends.

With the most advanced technology available, the high-tech virtual experience puts you right inside the world. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into your favourite game or movie. Hollywood motion capture cameras, full-body trackers, and haptic feedback suits make it a completely immersive experience where you don’t just see what’s happening, but touch it and feel it too. Roam around the virtual worlds with up to six friends who you can see and interact with in-game.

In between games, Sandbox VR keeps you in the game worlds with a special menu designed around the experiences on offer. On hand to mix up your drinks is the UK’s first permanent robotic bartender: Tony. Everyone say “hi, Tony!” Tony is an IG-1, or, more catchily, a Makr Shakr. While you game they’ll mix up cocktails inspired by the virtual experiences. And there’s no need to head to the bar, because you can order straight from the in-built table terminals.

You’ll definitely need to refuel, or unwind, after the adrenaline-rush experience that Sandbox VR’s worlds provide. Fortunately, the carefully designed space is not just for gaming alone. Guests are also able to kick back, watch footage from their experience, celebrate their victories, and hang out.

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